Adaptive Or Responsive Web Design? Learn How To Identify

Adaptive Or Responsive Web Design? Learn How To Identify

The development of new technologies enables the demand for portable devices like Smartphones and tablets is increasing day-by-day. Moreover, with the help of electronic devices, people are using various apps to easily perform multiple tasks. To survive and expand in the highly competitive market; many online businesses, corporate site, social networking site and search engines are covering their website to be full of responsive to these devices. To achieve these two techniques evolved that is Adaptive design and Responsive design to enhance the interaction between users.

Responsive and Adaptive web designs both are evolved basically to enhance the website at the electronic devices. But these two techniques differ in the strategies. Let's learn about the techniques one by one then you can recognize the design easily.

Overview Of Responsive And Adaptive Design

In Responsive Design, the design utilizes the technique of fluid layout. The fluid has the ability to change with respect to the devices' dimension, the same is deployed for the web pages when the web page is rendered on different device screen the content viewed on the screen get adjusted automatically as per the dimension of the devices' screen.

In Adaptive web design, the dimension of the theme is pre-loaded or already defined on the server, so when the website run on the device, it takes the space according to the width of the device's screen, the device can be Smartphone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop and so on. The automatic adjustment as per the screen size is seen through the presentation graphics, content layout, and client-side scripting layer.

Understand The Technical Differences Between The Design

Both the techniques are implemented to give the dynamic structure of the website, but each technique follows different strategies. First, one that is responsive layout design, in this technique the content layout will be the same only the ratio change as per the screen size. You can also see blur in the displayed images. Moreover, the responsive layout design required more coding and it takes more time while loading on the device's screen.

On the other hand, Adaptive design there are various coding defined on the server side for the platforms like types of Tablets and Smartphones. If you see the adoptive design you will see more changes in the content layout, presentation layout, and screen layout.


Hope from this blog you can understand the basic difference between the responsive and adaptive web design layouts. Both designs are used in different condition. If you are creating a web app for particular devices then in that scenario, it will good to use Adaptive design, but when you are not fully aware of the device then you can go for responsive design.


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