An Intensive Overview On – Drupal 7.0

An Intensive Overview On – Drupal 7.0

Drupal is a well-known open source Content Management System (CMS), millions of sites already running successfully which includes social networking, news site, digital media, corporate portal, blogs, forums, entertainment websites and much more across the world, the reason for this popularity is Drupal's granular control, simplicity, modularity. Drupal also has a big community of 2000+ developers and more than 830,000 users, which clearly portrays the Drupal's merit and virtue. The latest version of Drupal 7.0 have user friendly installation, robust security, easy maintainability and extended development framework.

Drupal is the best customizable and scalable website development platform and an excellent framework for creating community/forum based websites.

Following are the latest upgradation made to the Drupal 7.0


The feature has been enriched with this latest release and delivering advanced support for the incorporation of WYSIWYG editors, drag & drop features, intuitive admin the panel, modify existing page details, validate password strength and much more. Older settings are modified for easier use and these changes provide convenience for the users to obtain the maximum benefits of Content Management System(CMS).

Unlimited Customization

The new graduation, provides full-fledged customized CMS with custom views and fields. You can easily modify every aspect of the website completely.

Improved Image Management

The upgraded version offers the enriched image management facility, with easier style, upload and resize images to use them in blog posts, photo galleries and so on.

Robust Security

Drupal 7.0 is safer and more secure than earlier versions such as a more robust password system, highly advanced secure log-in system, scheduled tasks security and secured update modules through the web.

Performance improvement

Multiple new improvements in documentation, file handling, search, added themes, testing, news aggregator, added feed updates, image handling and much more.

Enhanced Administrative Area

Drupal 7.0 has redesigned administrative area with improvement test tools, smooth work with advanced tools.

The enhanced and advanced version of Drupal 7.0 has the ability to build strong and stable web apps along with unique and special designs using latest HTML5 and CSS3. Most importantly, Drupal version 7.0 is an excellent Content Management system(CMS) with useful features.


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