AngularJS vs ReactJS vs NodeJS: Which Is The Best?

AngularJS vs ReactJS vs NodeJS: Which Is The Best?

Selecting the right JavaScript framework for developing an incredible web app is the prime decision of every business owner. This approach ultimately helps them to attain a strong web presence for a better brand image. That is why "AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS" has become a famous topic of discussion.

Must evaluate your JavaScript development project on different parameters, namely size, features, maturity, interoperability, dependencies and much more before it’s outsourcing.

JavaScript acceptance and reputation has grown high due to the arrival of Angular 4, all new Vue.js, Node.js upgraded version and so on. Thus, many professionals found it is hard to make a good decision between any framework.

In this post, we've compared the Top three very popular JavaScript frameworks "AngularJS vs NodeJS vs ReactJS" for your JavaScript framework based development project. These development frameworks have a common contingency on JavaScript, but different in technical.


In 2009, Google released its open-source client-side web framework named as AngularJS. It was developed for angular professionals with the goal to resolve problems in single page app creation.

It widens HTML vocabulary for your web app. Because of its extensible feature, it can work fine with other libraries. In addition, it has a huge support community.

Top 3 reasons to select AngularJS

User interface

It uses HTML to determine a web application’s user interface(UI) as HTML is a declarative language & less fragile to identify. The overall attributes you use in your HTML, these attributes define which controller should be used for which web element.

It eases your web development process and you only need to define what you required. Anyhow, AngularJS takes care of all the dependencies associated with it.


The use of the directives and filters enables it a flexible for web application development. The directives bring features to HTML instead of manipulating the DOM. If you put the DOM manipulation code into the directives then you can simply divide them out of your MVC application.

The filters are standalone features which are isolated from your application, but it can handle data transformation. It is used to develop a suitable HTML without the need of developing any JavaScript code.


It is fully linked to dependency injection and all your controllers based on the dependency injection. The unit testing is performed by inserting mock data into your controller and then examine the result with behavior.

This offers a new and easy way of testing web applications in which every test page is developed which further calls one component & interacts with it to see if it works.


  • Easily framework for testing
  • Automatic data synchronization is done between components and model view
  • Customized Document Object Model(DOM) can be developed easily
  • Built-in DI subsystem
  • Simple routing
  • Angular Data binding
  • Amazing user interface design
  • It is used to build reusable components by directives
  • Great Angular libraries
  • It gives strong template building solutions


  • Scopes are difficult to debug
  • Limited Routing
  • DOM elements declare performance problems
  • It is slow with web pages embedding interactive elements
  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex 3rd party integration


The ReactJS is as an open-source JavaScript library instead of a framework. It is mainly used for creating incredible user interfaces(UI) with a great concentrate on execution performance. Model View Controller (MVC) architecture the React is more dependent on "V'.

The ReactJS quickly attain a good reputation when it was released first. It was built with the objective to resolve issues associated with JavaScript frameworks related to effective rendering of huge datasets.

Top 3 reasons to select ReactJS

Greater efficiency

The ReactJS develops its own virtual DOM, your actual components live here. It pays attention to all the changes to be made in the DOM and updates in the DOM tree. This enables it a flexible method to attain a good performance. Therefore, it rejects costly DOM operations & often makes updates effectively.

You can run ReactJS easily on the server & the virtual DOM will be imparted then which further return to the web browser as a regular page. No complex tricks are needed for this.

Components in ReactJS

The Shadow DOM and polymers have already developed many buzzes which are used to build self-contained and custom-made elements that you can import easily into your web projects.

The RecatJS enables you to build your own components which you can later integrate, nest or reuse your core content. So it does not make use of PolymerJS or Shadow DOM.

SEO Effective

The search engines like Google, Bing, etc., find it hard to read JavaScript-heavy apps even after having an enhancement in that area. So this is one of the big problems that come with JavaScript frameworks.


  • Code reusability with React JS
  • Contains React native library
  • Easy learning API and smooth interface designs
  • When compared with other JS frameworks it gives better performance
  • Easy debugging
  • Complete component based architecture
  • Easily import components
  • JavaScript extension syntax(JSX) helps to quote of HTML to load subcomponents
  • Faster updates
  • Create isomorphic or universal web applications with server-side rendering


  • JSX is not appreciated by all web professionals
  • Steep learning curve
  • Contains a very sophisticated view layer
  • Flux architectures
  • This is only a library, not a framework
  • Some configurations needed if you incorporate React into MVC framework


The NodeJS is a server instead of a framework, powered by Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. It has a callback method to attain the all-new concept of event-driven single-threaded server programming and also runs

JavaScript on the server side. In addition, the Node.js is majorly used to ease the development of complex apps.

Top 3 reasons to select NodeJS

Server-side proxy

Easily use the NodeJS as a server-side proxy. For this reason, it can manage a number of concurrent connections in a non-blocking way. It is primarily used when you need to collect your data from multiple source points or need to proxying various services with diverse response times.

In addition, you can build a client-side application for assets and stub or proxying API requests to the NodeJS development server.


The Node Package Manager(NPM) plays a crucial role which cannot be ignored. The Node.js installation comes by default and offers support for package management. The concept of NPM is similar to the idea of Ruby Gems.

Following are the most famous NPM modules

  • bluebird
  • lodash
  • mongodb and mongojs
  • pug
  • connect
  • moment
  • sockjs and

Data Streaming

The HTTP requests and responses are considered as separate events, but they are actual data streams. To create some amazing features these are used in NodeJS. This enables in proxy between different data resources & used for real-time audio and video encoding.


  • Easy to learn
  • You can easily stream big files
  • It shares the same piece of code with both server side and client side
  • Concurrent request handling because of asynchronous event-driven Input/Output
  • The Node-packaged modules(NPM) has grown at a faster rate and become wider
  • Vibrant and Huge support community


  • Nested callbacks
  • Relational database issues
  • Not scalable as 1 CPU is not enough to take benefits of multiple tasks
  • Deep understanding of JavaScript required working with NodeJS
  • It is not for CPU intensive tasks
  • Only suitable for web servers


All the 3 JavaScript frameworks discussed above are advanced, high performing and widely used around the globe. Based on your business requirements and custom application objectives choose the framework you want.

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