Avoid Auto Code Generator

Avoid Auto Code Generator

In this highly competitive world, every business owners need a quick solution for converting their existing PSD designs to HTML/XHTML or HTML page design requisites. Because of this fast-paced requirement, they are choosing an automated software or tool instead of hand coding, this gives bad experience to business owners.

These automated software, generate the same HTML code as the equivalent PSD, but those codes does not succeed in satisfying business needs. These auto code generating software, give you the project in fast turnaround time than the manual coding. But, the manual coding focus on unique business needs and can develop an effectively responsive website. So, it is important for the customers should check with all the details from the beginning till the time of project delivery.

Manual Coding Is More Successful Than Auto Code Generating Tool


Manual coding helps to create neat, organized, bug-free code, but in auto code generator it is not. Hand code helps to focus more on specific business needs.


If there are any flaws in the existing PSD then the code generated from the software has the same error. Bugs will definitely affect the purpose of the business website.


The codes generated by these automated software tools rarely possess quality and the customer needs to get its design recorded. It is also suggested that choose a reputed company for web development because they follow international coding standards for high quality.

W3C validation:

All our codes promise to W3C validated code, this is not possible in the software generated code. It is advisable that go for manual coding rather than automated code generator.

Fail online presence:

When you are going with software for your existing design into HTML conversion, then you must be careful about the codes which are generated. Because codes by automated tool are not SEO friendly and hence, it will affect your online presence badly.

Customer dissatisfaction:

These auto code generating tools help to get work done in fast turnaround time and meet the deadline, but their performance and quality will dissatisfy the customer.

So, it is better to go for manual coding rather than software or tool generated code because of the reasons stated above.


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