Best 6 Tips to Design Responsive Email in A Professional Way

Best 6 Tips to Design Responsive Email in A Professional Way

Today, Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach the potential customers directly. The wide range of smartphones and tablets, along with seamless internet mobile connections, helps the user to access their emails wherever they are. More than 60% of the people like to read the emails on their mobile devices. Around 26% of the business using responsive email templates, remaining using the desktop because they do not know that the responsive email template. While developing the responsive email templates, there many things that everyone should take care of because it is not easy to design responsive email templates.

Implement Mobile-First Approach

The mobile-first approach means during the development of the email template, everyone thinks about the mobile interface first. By mobile-first, it becomes easy for them to concentrate on all, the essential element that is needed in the responsive email template design.

Deploy Your CSS Inline

In an effort to make responsive email template efficient, it is important to set up the CSS inline and use the HTML attributes. This will allow the client’s platform to present your email easily. There are a wide variety of tools available on the web that can help you inline the HTML and CSS script.

Integrate Call-To-Action Button Link By Using HTML Table

In the responsive email template, it is better to program button link with the help of table in HTML instead of achieving this by using other tools. This helps to make the email page lighter. In addition, there is no performance related issues with this tool. Keep in mind that never use any HTML attributes like, etc. Instead of this, you can use the bullet character structured inside the HTML table attribute.

Make Mobile-Friendly Content

Along with creating the responsive email templates, it is also equally important to make the web content readable on the mobile platforms. Choose the best attribute for layout, font, images, and graphics because that makes the content is comfortable for the audience to read the email. In brief, you can consider the user experience.

Test Every Feature Of Email Template

Test the email templates thoroughly with different platforms before using the templates, this is to check that whether the template is working uniformly and constantly on all the device. Once this is done, test each and every feature like buttons, broken links and content.

Explore Other Email Template Designs

Find the current trends in email template design on the web. There are a lot of useful and reputable sources available on the internet that can help you to know what is the latest trend in the email designing so that you can integrate them in your email template design and get the attention of the customers.


Hope all these tips will help you design the best and useful, responsive email template design that suits well for your online business. For all your queries related to designing the responsive email template, then please contact us.


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