Best Ways to Attract Mobile App Usage from your Web Experience

Best Ways to Attract Mobile App Usage from your Web Experience

Moving to the mobile platform is not a new approach and today every brand is moved to the mobile-first approach. The main objective is to get more prospects, customers, and merchant needs users to download and use their mobile apps. This is not the end, acquiring web traffic is the first step. After that, you need to promote your product/service as optimized and marketed for the profitable results. Usage of the mobile application is a crucial element to gain conversions and get the associated benefits. The mobile app will be a beneficial factor for your business and give good Return On Investment(ROI).

There are many things you can do to improve the mobile app usage through an enhanced user engagement

Ad Campaigns

The battalion of mobile apps completely depends on ad campaigns to increase the app's download rate and create the awareness among the audience. The logic that applies here is that, have more users to obtain more usage. In addition, it is very important to monitor how users engaged with the mobile app.

Acquisition management used to track the number of users from paid ads via various sources. With download per campaign, it is also important to evaluate the lifetime value of users.

App Funnels

Funnels can be used to get more conversions rate because they give beneficial value to apps usage. The screen flow analytics help to examine total screen visit and flow between the screens, screen exits, on a whole to know complete interactions of the visitor with the app. It is very helpful to know when and where visitors are dropping.

You can get all these details transparently, and this information helps to prevent drops, the better funnel used to enhance the usage and conversion rate of the app.


In your ad, everything must be direct and straightforward so that the page visitor will become a potential customer. It is very obvious that your ad must force users to think what will be next. Large and bright buttons can be very attractive so that the user can move forward to download the app without any confusion.

Another important element is to restrain 1 CTA per page.

Landing page

A useful and valid landing page is an important element to market your mobile application this enables you to grow your customer base. If you like to examine the reach of your mobile app then you can provide a product preview via images and videos that can draw downloads.

It offers provision to link the various social community channels this also play a significant role in connecting directly with the potential audience. The customers can directly connect with you through the contact information listed with the app stores.

Discoverability in App stores

The users can download the app from the app store without any restriction because it is optimized to draw more traffic to the landing page. The successful optimization scenario keeps eye on analytics, regular check-ins and thus helps for necessary growth.

It is mandatory for you to analyze whether it is good to use the set of keywords you have selected or you can expand the same for better outcomes.


It always benefits to get rewards from the brands they connect. There are various reward programs, customized offers and mobile coupons are few ways to provide the targeted incentives and hence encourage the app usage.

You can execute these offers with the app or send push message to customers and also check for the outcomes. Here, mobile users can be provided with the big sale if they purchase a product through the mobile app.

Hindrances in UI

Having an app is not a beneficial thing, but to maintain it without any doubt is something determined by merchants, improvement options is always there. If the User Interface restricts the visitors from getting a full-fledged experience that may result in early drop-offs.

Increase Your ROI With Strengthened App Usage

There is a lot of tools and surveys available to help the business owners/merchants to know more about what their audience finds annoying about their mobile app usage. This allows you to find the loopholes and find effective alternative ways to resolve them.


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