Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3

The Bootstrap is a well-known front-end framework, the Bootstrap is primarily a few JavaScript files and CSS that enables you to create websites faster by deliberately making some core decisions for you and comprising a lot of useful, pre-made widgets & components. Whereas it is all JavaScript and CSS, Bootstrap’s fully adaptive, so there is no harm in making use it as a starting point.

I determined to make use of Bootstrap 3, which was launched a few months ago, on a few new projects and I have been confident and happy with the decision I made. There is a lot bundled into Bootstrap, but I would like to emphasize the things that have influenced me the most. If you are still uncertain or if you are new to using front-end development frameworks, with anticipation this framework will help you to comprehend what all the hype is about.

Matte Paint Job

The Bootstrap 3 introduced a new "flat" web design. Yes, the Bootstrap 3 is trendy, but it also serves 2 crucial functional purposes. First, it is away some of the beautiful flourishes which makes it simple and easy to personalize for your own needs. Second, it vividly enhances the repaint time, which is generally how long it takes the browser to "draw" all the elements on a page.

Four Grid Systems?

The Bootstrap 3 has one grid system, but with 4 various levels of "responsiveness" for lack of a better term. Here is the grid system documentation, but if you are too lazy to click through then here is the breakdown:

.col-xs in the same row when two or more of these columns, they will always stay side-by-side even on the smallest mobile screen size. Many times you will need your columns to stack on mobile gadgets so use this only when you have a particular reason to handle columns on mobile gadgets. These are only column type that can't be nested.

.col-sm These columns are crumbled to start, but it becomes horizontal of 768px at widths and more.

.col-md These columns are crumbled to start, but it becomes horizontal of 992px at widths and more. It is good to use for every column. If you've your rough layout, then you can start to fine-tune with some of the other column types.

.col-lg- Here also collapsed to start, but horizontal at 1200px and above. This is helpful if you have an element that generally expands the full width of the web page but it may look weird across a 27" iMac screen. If you are nesting elements, it gets a little more complex then use 2 grid classes on a single column and so on.

Carousel Slider Plugin Thing

There are often asked questions such as "How do I add a 'slider' to my website?" or "What is the best jQuery carousel?" or some variation. It comes up often, so I just think to point out that Bootstrap’s carousel survives and it is fine, too. The rage these days it has the little circles for pagination and it even enables you to add captions. The example where the carousel can take the complete width of the web layout. Find out more:

Responsive Modals

The Modal windows on the pages are very irritating or bothersome experiences on mobile gadgets. The way they are basically implemented affects this strange infinite scrolling effect on many mobile web browsers while you attempt to scroll or zoom in the web page, tap a button, the modal window modifies the layout size. It is one of those ridiculous JavaScript available from the 90’s when you try to catch a unicorn with your cursor but you can't rather click on it.

This is the reason I was happy to find the appealing responsive modals in Bootstrap 3. By considering that they are built with mobile device web browsers from the start, if you determine to use a modal window, then you won’t hinder your website users with a cat and mouse zoom & scroll effect.

Turn Off Interactive Functionality

By keeping the mobile-first approach the Bootstrap 3 was designed and developed but if you've more particular requirements and interactive design does not work then you can always turn it off. For instance, maybe you have a very specially designed mobile experience that is different from desktop experience and you need to keep them isolated.

It is not just simple as off button, but follows these instructions gradually and you can disable the interactive functionality of Bootstrap.

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