Build Your Website More Powerful With Joomla 1.7

Build Your Website More Powerful With Joomla 1.7

With the launch of Joomla version 1.7, Joomla has moved one more strong step against its opponents. It has been an award-winning content management system (CMS) for creating attractive and stable websites. This version can be downloaded easily with much more new powerful features. Joomla version 1.7 was launched officially in July with its free downloading environment.

This is a great software successfully running over 2.7% web system with various types of services & business. But if you are incoherent with selecting the perfect Joomla extension for your web development then version 1.7 will offer clients to move easily, full flexibility and with frequently to the Joomla's new version. One can take the full advantage along with the security feature to switch to the recent running code.

Following are the latest changes to its earlier version Joomla 1.6

One Click Version Upgrades

With this recent feature available in the Joomla 1.7, anyone can update easily and switch to the latest Joomla version with just one click. The built-in updater will handle all your changes & updates for Joomla and its extensions. This is the great difference in the old system where the updates have been done manually handle update each file on the web server.

Faster Release Cycle

This latest Joomla version supports 6 months development cycle after that new version 1.8 will be released for providing more core functionality development. But this version will be active for 1 more month after the launch of the next version while the version 1.8 will work for 15 months.

Multi-Language Support

With this launch of Joomla version 1.7 it has offered business person to combine menu items in different languages this will help them for quick & smooth navigation. With this multi-language support, one can automatically choose the best font for a specific language(s) to their admin back-end.

Joomla 1.7 have so many upgraded features that can be used for creating a full-fledged website. This latest Joomla version has many other advanced functionalities also like the ability to create a search menu with pre-defined search options and also helps professionals create a better example program for different plugins for tradition extensions.

Joomla version 1.7 has also the capability to spontaneously validate form from the list of options while saving operations. With so many benefits offered to the audience and business owners and providing recent features, this stands first against other content management system (CMS) to develop a strong website.

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