Challenges and Solutions for Responsive Navigation

Challenges and Solutions for Responsive Navigation

One of the huge obstacles when developing a responsive site is set up the navigation. It is only from a design point of view, but also from a content and development point of view too. Arguably the most crucial element on the web page a visitor should have no problems as they smoothly navigate around your site irrespective of their device.

What are the latest design patterns to attain it? What are the best plugins? Step back and determine what your challenges are needed and what type of solution is most effective for the project before browsing Dribble for inspiration and GitHub for resources.


Always do so with mobile in mind first while structuring your responsive menu and its content. Designing for constraints enables you to revisit the content of your site and define what is important to include. This refers to your whole site, but especially the navigation. If the navigational element doesn’t work as expected on the mobile website then is it really worth to add to the website or primary navigation at all? Designing responsive sites allow us to think with laser focus and develop a lean and efficient online experience.


There are a lot of various design solutions for interactive websites coming out of the paneling. And many of them are properly accepted design patterns. Some interactive navigation uses the "do nothing" method where they simply contract with the grid of your responsive site while others collapse and hide and can be displayed by clicking on an icon.

When these web design solutions may work fine for smaller navigation, larger sites may not be able to work well because of their complex & multi-level navigation. It is all about choosing what design solution suits your navigation’s content.


Another aspect to keep in mind when building a responsive navigation is what type of development needs you may have. If your navigation is created using JavaScript how will it display to visitors who have JavaScript disabled? If you have a drop-down navigation, then how is the delay between the physical touch and the response from the drop down? When seeking for the best solution for your responsive navigation make sure it approaches your development dealing in addition to your design choices.


CSS Frameworks

Many CSS Frameworks have created reusable components which include the navigation into their solutions. Typically, they are created to provide you a lot of control in how they are styled. If you are using a CSS framework already then verify with the documentation for choice to implement a navigation into your interactive business site before unknowingly add unnecessary code. Here are a couple famous frameworks that have already added responsive navigation.

Twitter Bootstrap

Version 3 of Bootstrap provides a navigation by default it begins collapsed and toggleable in mobile device views and turns horizontal as the viewport width increases.


There is a scenario where you are not using the CSS framework or one adds a responsive navigation and using the navigation from these frameworks may show it is hard to use alone with subordination. There is no dishonor in taking the benefits of resources others have developed to get you began. Following are the few popular plugins:


The best solution for sites that cannot break multi-level navigation this plugin pays special attention to touch screens by using tap targets.


The responsiveNav is efficiently for simple navigation and easy to set up this tiny JS plugin uses CSS3 transitions and touch events for the best experience.


A strong plugin that manages both right and left slides in menus this plugin also deals touch events on mobile gadgets.

Custom Solution

Developing a tailoring solution is always an option. It is very easy and more simple than you may think based on the complexity of your navigation.


While implementing your interactive navigation eliminate naturally following trends and step back and notice your project honestly. Which interactive navigation solution gives perfect sense and most effective for the visitors to navigate? First, concentrate the content of your navigation, secondly determining which design solution suits well with the content and finally which development method best fulfills that design.

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