Complete Responsive Web Design Statistics that You Need

Complete Responsive Web Design Statistics that You Need

When you update your B2B web design the amazing thing to do is to combine a responsive design. With an interactive website, it is possible for you to have one common site with just one Uniform Resource Locator (URL). This will show exactly on any gadgets that the audience uses. Your potential customer may look for your business on tablets, smartphones, desktops and much more. A responsive B2B site design works well to develop an outstanding user experience.

A restriction on a budget is a crucial factor taken into account when thinking site new website release or redesign. To make it simple and easy for you, we've compiled all the responsive web design actuality you need for making a case for a new interactive B2B website.

Truth Related To Mobile Acceptance and Usage

  • 90% of the adult people using smartphones
  • 60% Internet Access from Mobile
  • 42% of adults in the United States possess a tablet
  • 32% of adults in the United States have an e-reader

Modification of Human Behavior Due to Mobile Usage

  • Generally, smartphone users check their phones nearly 150 times in a single day
  • 44% mobile phone users possess up that they sleep with their mobile phone on their bed to avoid missing any calls or social media updates or text messages when they are sleeping
  • 67% mobile phone owners look at their phone for calls, messages, or alerts
  • 29% of mobile phone users have admitted their mobile phone to be "something they cannot imagine living without"

Mobile Technology Reinvents Browsing Habits

  • 34% smartphone users browse the web majorly on their phone and not on a laptop or desktop device
  • People who use a desktop to search web will show a rise from 1.4 billion users to 1.6 billion users in 2017
  • People who search the web on their smartphone will rise from 800 million to 1.9 billion users in 2017
  • Problems Taken Care of By Responsive Website Design
  • 46% of people who use mobile phones to report that they have problems when visiting a static website. A static site is a non-responsive website & traditional
  • 44% of people surveyed stated that they face difficulty to navigate in small screen devices

Over the past few years due to the betterment of mobile technology, mobile online search has improved to a great extent. When thinking if your B2B site redesign will combine responsive technology, then it is very important that you attain your statistics and conviction right. With the great change in their mobile technology, people are changing how they ponder about sites because of mobile technology.

An interactive website or a mobile-optimized site takes care of the usual problem of difficulty in displaying a static site or issue of navigation on small screen devices. Your attempts are planned on offering an outstanding experience on your site to all your potential audiences. You make sure that they are able to locate, view and employ with all the details they are on the watch for. An interactive B2B web design does wonders to develop an amazing user experience and results in advancement in site conversion.

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