Converting Your Business Site Into Responsive Website

Responsive website

The Responsive Design is the recent buzz in the web development industry when it comes to website design and website development. This is no wonder particularly since the total number of mobile web visitors has exceeded those by using the Internet from other platforms. Since a huge number of people using smartphones or tablets and make use of all the smart features.

Following are some statistics that help you to understand why responsive web design is now very famous:

  • 80% of people in the US owns a smartphone.
  • Out of the 80% of smartphone users approximately 74% with never return to a business site which does not have a responsive design.
  • There has been a huge improvement in the number of users using mobile devices to make purchases.
  • Hence, there is no big surprise in the new businesses choose to have an interactive web design. Anyhow, it is not late for the business owners they already own a business site, but it is not a responsive website.

A short introduction to a responsive web design

Earlier, when web designers used to struggle for web browser compatibility. Even though with the introduction of new devices in the marketplace that could access the web such as the smartphone or tablet focus started to migrate to ensure every device can access the business website is a perfect way. Hence, the responsive site design was introduced it enables just single design and the same can be viewable on multiple platforms by using the fluid grid concept.

Is it possible to convert your website into Responsive design?

The simple and easy answer to this question is that technically a site can be converted into a responsive website. Anyhow, it is not advocated that you do so. There are many reasons why this is not suggested.

  • Responsive website design means all together utilizing a new framework.
  • Based on the complexity of the business site the process of conversion may take some more time than the normal one.
  • After converting the static site into the interactive website by using standard methods you can make sure that your site will be 100% responsive. It may need some special cases & conditions to make it interactive for custom web designs.

Redesigning a website to make Responsive

Many companies prefer to redesign their existing website to make it as a response. Sometimes, this is also a good approach generally means a revenue increase and overall beneficial.

Here are 2 popular sites which were converted recently into a responsive design.

  • Microsoft has recently renewed their OneDrive site for the web into a responsive one. This redesigns method and migrates into the responsive design world is anticipated to work to their benefit as it can be more accessible.
  • Walmart Canada also revamped their existing business website into a responsive site. We have the results of how the redesign approach helps them to get the benefits. The truth is that the responsive web design was released they have seen an improvement of 20% in their conversion rates. This is huge when it is converted into the number of users using the site.

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