Customizing Magento Within Five Steps: To Have Fresh E-commerce Site

Customizing Magento Within Five Steps: To Have Fresh E-commerce Site

Nowadays, Magento is also recognized as a framework to build an E-commerce business website. Magento is an open-source web app development platform for online shopping store. Today, most of the business focus on online services for e-shopping with the help of E-commerce platform. Magento is a web development platform that helps in fast and very easy online shopping site development. It comes with various features like catalog browsing, product browsing, order management and much more.

Magento bundled with useful functionalities. There are several elements where we need to focus to enhance, publish and update the online shopping store. This blog explains few guidelines on which we have to concentrate and deploy E-commerce online store by using the Magento platform.

Proper Planning

It is mandatory for you to have a proper and detailed plan along with correct timing and well structure for every task so this needs to be taken care before implementing the task of customization and deployment. It will be very useful in keeping track of how many tasks are completed, remaining, their deadlines and will also help in building feature full project. Always remember to select the hosting plan with less interval time.

Perform Pre-deployment Setup

Once booking and planning the hosting plan, simply upload the Magento file system into the space allocated to the service. Use MySql to create the database for Database Management System(DBMS). Then just the instructions carefully to launch your shopping website that includes title and description, database connectivity, after this deployment process will over, then you can see the basic look of your shopping site.

Customize The Design

You are able to easily customize your shopping site once the second step over. If you have any template/theme design for the business site, then you can upload the template design to your site. Else you can modify the header, footer, banner and sidebar to obtain the look of your website with your own choice.

Coding For SEO

Magento platform is stuffed with search engine optimization capability for optimizing the web page at the search engine result page(SERP). More specifically, you can use the keywords, modify meta tag description and different tag elements. To enhance SEO you can build internal linking, sitemap, reference and so on.

Implementing And Customizing Various Payment Gateways

After search engine optimization(SEO) process completed, the final and crucial process is to customize the most secure payment gateways. The payment includes proper gateways and checkout system to make sure fund transaction is safe and secure. Magento is provided with multiple payment gateways like Google checkout and PayPal that can be very easily customized. Once all these works were done, then your online business website is ready.


For a successful online shopping website, all these steps need to be followed very carefully and in a sequential manner do not skip any step.


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