Drupal Will It Work For You : Design and Technology Implementation Challenges

Drupal Will It Work For You : Design and Technology Implementation Challenges

Drupal is a well-known and popular open-source content management system(CMS). It is a strong competitor for Joomla. Anyhow, you should aware that Drupal is definitely not the magic key to all kind of CMS requirements. There are some situations where Drupal is the best among others.

There is no doubt that Drupal is one of the useful and strong content management systems that we have seen as of today. Drupal was launched in the year 2000 as a content management system(CMS) in PHP. This is an open-source software and it is available for free. After the year 2000, Drupal has released many versions with upgrades and fine-tune to its original and with the better changes.

Drupal has a number of modules which are perfectly suitable for modern day content management system demands. One of the analyses against Drupal is when compared with the other open-source CMS, Drupal is comparatively difficult content management system to use. Anyhow, it has to be admitted that Drupal is surely not impossible to get the better. Of course, you can learn it before you can expect to use Drupal effectively. It is quite unfair to anticipate a content management system to have no learning curve. When it is first introduced even the simplest of the word processing software program has its own learning curve. Hence, this can't be valid commentary as the same people that criticized that Drupal is difficult to learn have mastered Drupal and using them efficiently for programming their customers’ sites. Hence, don't worry about the learning curve.

Blogging Purposes

If blogging is all your site is going to do then you should aware that Drupal is not no matter what type of Drupal freak you are. Your purpose should say what kind of content management system to use. For blogging demands, WordPress is the perfect content management system(CMS). You will not do justice implement Drupal if all that your site is going to act only as a blogging platform. It is a waste of resource and time personalizing Drupal for a blog, except you've other progressive functionalities and features for your site.

When You Require Superior Control Over URL Structure

Community Websites

If you are planning to build a community website with registrations, logins, user updates and much more then Drupal will definitely be the perfect technology to choose from. It has been seen that Drupal does well with community websites. In addition, the overall description of your website requires being taken to consider before starting using Drupal for creating the community website. Check with your developer to ensure there will be any hindrance to creating Drupal-based websites with your spec. If you are looking for, just the regular community website functions, then you can prefer to select Drupal and you will come out neatly with a stable site.

When Workflow Flexibility Is Needed

At any time you are using an open-source content management system(CMS) for your site, basically, you are going through a pre-defined process and workflow. You are placing together various modules in bits to build the experience you desired to give to your site's audience. At times, you need want to give your audience a defined workflow. For example, you might like your visitors the login pages or registration process to work in a particular way, just to make your site different from other websites. In such cases, more flexibility is needed. If you own those types of flexible system in mind, then Drupal will be unfriendly. You will be able to develop a better experience for your visitors by using Drupal, but that experience you may not necessarily give your users. You need to think carefully whether to select Drupal when you require a lot of workflow flexibility.

If you are very particular about the workflow of different models, then you need to create a content management system(CMS) from scratch.

Site Speed

As long as concerned about website speed, we've reports that show Drupal web pages are loaded faster than Joomla web pages with similar specifications. In terms of site performance, Drupal will surely better for you. For website owner/admin who doesn't want to compromise on the site’s performance, Drupal is unquestionably the best choice. You can able to keep your viewers happy with your Drupal-based site.

Search Engine Friendliness

When you desired to ensure that your site is search engine friendly even though the fact that it is a dynamic site then Drupal will provide you its useful features. Drupal provides full-fledged flexibility as long as meta tag is optimized. You will be able to optimize the pages very effectively. All the meta tags which include keywords, page title, description and much more. Can be improved as you generally do with your HTML web pages. Your SEO service provider will surely love it when you approach them with your Drupal site.

Criticisms Against Drupal

Some developers criticize that Drupal is not a CMS in the sense WordPress or Joomla is. For them, Drupal is a tool in a particular framework. You will hardly be able to create anything from Drupal. According to them these modules want to be worked heavily before you can build something intelligent & useful. The Joomla is a much more useful content management system. On the one hand, the advantages of Drupal on its performance, there are others that complain that Drupal is not essentially a performer. Drupal sites work on the cache. Therefore, the overall performance of the site will fully depend on how good the site is coded and how good caching is handled.

When Drupal is perfect for simple content-based websites, if you need to create complex content based websites, then you should think carefully about using Drupal as the performance of the site may not be as good as you think. You want to work with a skilled development company to discuss your demands. The advantages and disadvantages of using for managing your specific requirements should be valued closely. Your determination should be performed-based decision instead than platform based decision.

Easy User Management

Drupal is well-known for its easy user management abilities. You'll have an excellent control over viewers role assignment modules. You can set different accessibility controls and user controls. Developing of various customized roles is also easy & simple. For sites that need multiple user control facilities, Drupal is the best open source technology.

How About Drupal Support?

As long as Drupal support & community features are interested, there are mixed views. Anyhow, what we can't refuse the fact that Drupal has outstanding documentation. You can find many support forums and online tutorials that you could use to get via your Drupal custom making task. Although Drupal doesn't have high-quality support, we can't say that you are completely left orphaned. You can attain the needed support online from the Drupal community for your doubts. Drupal lacks with advanced support. Unless you are a proficient that could handle Drupal on your own, it is not recommended to use Drupal if you are going to create your own site. On the other hand, you can find a reliable company with advanced programming skills to handle your Drupal development then you don't have to worry.

Design, Implement And Manage Drupal Design Themes

As long as your site viewers are concerned they will not aware and they will not be concerned about what is happening in the back-end. All that matters are the user interface(UI). Is it appealing gracefully? Will it work seamlessly without any technical issues? Are the web pages loading without any issues irrespective of the devices used? These will be considered for your site viewers. Hence, when you are creating your Drupal site, you should focus on these factors too. Significant amounts of planning have to go into these aspects.

If you need to set your brand apart from the rest of the competition, you should go for customized Drupal themes. It is one thing to use an existing, pre-designed themes and it is totally another to develop your own theme for the site.

When you are trying to get your customized themes designed you'll observe that not all web design service providers are capable of managing Drupal theme design. At its best, what most companies are able is to offer you with the design layout in PSD file format, which needs to be converted to the fully operational Drupal theme. Your service provider should offer you with fully working theme, which takes care of the following aspects.

Design perfection: Convert the PSD files into Drupal theme exactly without any issue in the quality of the web designs. In other words, they can able to give you pixel-perfect conversion. Before you select your company takes time to go through their portfolio and evaluate the quality of their work. Your site is your online face. You can't provide to make mistakes here. Any carelessness or imperfections or will immediately cause your brand reputation.

Web page loading speed: Page loading speed is one of the challenging areas as long as Drupal pages are concerned. This is where the proficiency of your Drupal theme conversion service provider will come into play. Don't work with inexperienced companies just as they are cheap. Then you will end up losing money in the long run on the leads that you fail to secure.

Responsive design: Now that your viewers can access your site from any devices and not mandatory from a laptop or desktop, the web pages should render seamlessly in all the gadgets automatically. Your company should be able to offer you with responsive designs for your Drupal-based site. This is the need of the hour irrespective of whether you are an e-commerce website or a community website for most people today access the web through their mobile devices. You better be prepared because finally more than 80% of the web traffic is generated from the mobile users.

Search engine friendliness: The final code should be friendly to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., Optimized all the images and all the tags have to be implemented appropriately. Even the URL structure wants to be optimized to make sure better search engine performance.

Cross-browser compatibility: Your Drupal site should resolve correctly in all the web browsers for which careful testing is needed prior to releasing of the site. Internet Explorer is one of the web browser types as opposed to the only monopolizing browser of the past. You should test all devices and web browser combinations to make the sure correct functionality of your site so that your viewers don't run into issues when they are using your site.

Scalability options: The design and the code should take care future scalability aspects so that you are capable of expanding the operations without any problems. In other words, when you are performing web designing, it is not just enough to ponder for today, you'll need to plan at least for the next 5 years.

As you can easily observe that even if you are planning to hire a PSD company for developing your Drupal design, a lot of consideration and care is needed. You can't choose a company randomly, but will want the skilled and experienced professionals in the industry to manage your PSD conversion for your Drupal site.

To conclude

To conclude this post on when to select and when not to select Drupal for your site, there is no solid, yes or no answer. It has to be managed case by case. Most significantly, the evaluation should be done by someone with huge experience. The developer must possess experience in specific Drupal development. Drupal as an open-source platform and it is a very stable system and thousands of sites are successfully working on Drupal.

In the hands of the skilled developers, Drupal can do wonders for your site. Choosing Drupal for your site without needed analysis is a big mistake and likewise denying Drupal without needs analysis is also a big mistake. Although Drupal is a strong content management system(CMS) it definitely doesn't do any magic so that you get everything that you want. Hence, it is in the hands of the developer to attain the best result of Drupal.

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