Eight Nitty-gritty Facts To Ensure Safety Your Wordpress Blog

Eight Nitty-gritty Facts To Ensure Safety Your Wordpress Blog

WordPress is the most popular and powerful Content Management System(CMS) and favorite blogging platform in today's online market. WordPress is bundled with many powerful features but it is vulnerable to its security. It fails to prove robust against spam attack and hacking. Anyone can misuse your work by getting your website's source codes easily. To stay safe and prevent your blogs from hackers, you can deploy some basic safe and secure tips.

Following are some of an essential safety tricks to protect WordPress Blog

Update, Update, and Update

One of the main reasons for the attack is because of WordPress blogs are not updated on a regular basis. To prevent your WordPress blog from spammed hacked it is mandatory to update the new versions of WordPress. A later WordPress version can be effectively hacked because of its older versions can be effortlessly hacked because of their snags. So, always keep updating your account is the best way to prove ultimate security.

Create Back-up for Your Blog

It is very important to creating a back up of all your data to ensure the security of your blog. You can secure your crucial data of your blog via MySQL data in a safe location. It is the best idea to take backup on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups based upon the nature of the business. In addition, WP has backup plug-ins for, you can even try that.

Form Strong Passwords

The most important measure to protect your WP website from unauthorized access is to create a strong password. Today, we have many powerful tools to ensure the password strength, always prefer stronger password by combining uppercase, lowercase, numerals and special characters.

Save Your WP-Admin Folder

The user needs to make sure that the crucial data folder has been locked with perfect safety measures. This can be done by keeping the IP address under the veil. It is very important security causes of your WP blog is the safety of the folder that contains all of the files.

Do not use Default Account

Using a default name risk the safety and can put the security into question. Many users' are using the default admin user account name is the serious mistake. Default account names are easy to hack and locate the private data of your account easily.

Virus Scan for all Plug-ins and Downloads

Before downloading anything on your WordPress account/blog always double-checks its authenticity. It is possible to scan the Plug-ins and any other files before download it to ensure the security for your WP blog.

Do not share WordPress Version Number

Hackers can attack your WordPress blog by knowing the about the version number of your blog. So, it is advisable to remove the version number from your blog's source code for ensuring security.

Limit the access to Search engines

You never share the entire content index of your WordPress blog with the search engines. Restricting the access to search engines you can actually limit the chances of your blog to be hacked by the hackers.


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