Few quick fixes for Slower WordPress website

Few quick fixes for Slower WordPress website

Website Loading Speed is one of the mandatory parameters when it comes to offering an outstanding client experience and enhancing the conversion rate. In this post, we will go through the steps for increasing your WordPress site’s speed time.

Recently we launched an infographic about web page load time, which mentioned that most users decide to stay with the website or leave it within three seconds. Yes! This is true!

Before taking a look at the plugins that are slow down your website, think about the server machine. Examine whether the website is slow because of bloated theme or sluggish server. To avoid the basic fails, host your site on the good server. Furthermore, choose only themes which are extremely good. Test the theme’s demo using tools such as Pingdom. Also, think about having provisions for Content Delivery Network as mentioned in our infographic.

If you are already through on the initial foundation and still facing issues with the website speed, following are the quick fixes:

Plugins that are not so heavenly - Minimize their usage or Chuck them

The first thing is to identify the plugins that are reducing your site's loading speed. P3 is one best diagnostic plugins because it shows the list of plugins that are causing the site loading speed. We've found that normally social sharing plugins take an enormous time to allow the website load. Examine the baddies and minimize their usage, find good work around.

Compress your site and work on some caching

If you think compressing images or website can reduce the page load time then you are right. Use tools such as Gzip as stated in our infographic. After installed, Gzip compresses automatically your site’s files as ZIP files and when an audience visits your site, their web browser will automatically unzip the files. You should perfectly, compress pictured on the website by using the plugins and then execute them with the same plugins. WP Smush it enables you to achieve this perfection. In case, if you've more repeat users, then the web browser catching also help.

Turn off Trackbacks & Pingbacks

The WP alerts other blogs that you post links to by methods like Trackbacks and Pingbacks. They are quite engaging, but may also hinder the web page speed. Even you can turn off them under the "Discussion" tab in "Settings".

Specify Image Dimensions and Character Sets

Your user’s web browser will display your page after reckoning out the layout, images, and content. If your WordPress website has image dimensions specified, then web browsers will have to do less work and improve the speed. Due to the same reason, specifying the character set in your HHTP headers is useful. Simply add the character set in your site’s header section.

CSS at the top and JS at the bottom

Placing the CSS style sheets near to the top of the web page is highly suggested. This enables web browsers to load the page in faster ways. Place all the JS at the bottom of the footer this helps to reduce the load time. In addition, when doing so also focus on lessening the CSS files and JS. You can easily do it by using plugins such as Better WordPress lessen which will merge all of your JavaScript files and style sheets into one, sequentially reducing the number of requests that the browser requires making

Clean up the Database

More WordPress websites have the feature to auto-save stuff, but this is also a negative point when it comes to website loading speed. The database gets filled with hundreds of post revisions, trashed posts, Pingbacks, menu content, new categories and so on. By using the fantastic WP-Optimize plugin you are able to clean up the database easily and efficiently improve the website speed.

Along with these, there are some other useful WordPress Plugins you must use for different purposes. Remember, users like the websites to be super fast and if you have a WordPress website for most other companies, ensure you offer amazing customer experience by using best available plugins and the above tips.

HTML Offshore have WordPress professionals and our WordPress experts are ready to help you out with speeding up your WordPress website.

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