Frequently Asked Questions: Regarding PSD Conversions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions: Regarding PSD Conversions Answered

The PSD conversion is the fundamental part of any web designing process. If you need to design a web page and the primary designs are created by using software/tools like Photoshop, and the design is in PSD file format, then the designs need to be converted into XHTML, HTML, Magento, WordPress, Joomla or any other formats before the designs used in your web page. Even though it is an essential part of designing the web page and websites are released for any kind of business, but website/business owners still have lots of doubts/questions concerning PSD conversions. In this blog, we are providing answers to some of the most common questions that people have.

Why I need PSD conversion? Can I not use the PSD files directly on my website?

You can't use the PSD design files directly on your site. The PSD is not open source or free, it is a proprietary file format. To open these type of files the viewer needs to install the software called "Photoshop" on their desktop/laptop. The browsers directly can't manage PSD files because it is far beyond the technical scope of the web browsers. Some users try to use the JPEG file format or the image format on their website. You can upload the JPEG design format, but the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., cannot understand the web contents in your page. This will cause big disadvantage to your business website which in term affect your business. You required to have web pages that can be readable by the search engine robots. Your web pages should be completely indexed by the search engines before it could rank your pages in the search engine result page(SERP). If you upload the image files directly, your website gets a bad reputation in the search engine ranking.

Many other technical problems will occur when you upload each and every page as an image file and also it'll increase the loading time of the web pages. When the PSD design files are sliced down and they are optimized or programmed to load in small pieces, in a manner that they don't tax the search engine asset but the overall loading time is increased. You need to know and understand that you can't release a new website for your business without PSD conversion service.

Do I require to give the design files to PSD conversion company or who has to submit the design to the PSD conversion company?

The scope of the services provided by the PSD service provider is very restricted. As a client, you'll be given the design files to the PSD service provider. In many cases, the web owners hire a company for web design and the company is responsible for providing you a fully operational site. They may either have a team to take care the PSD conversion or outsource the conversion job to a third party service provider, which you may not know because of this a usual approach in the web designing field. The PSD conversion includes progressive coding skills. Instead of hiring a team for the conversion service they have the job done by a 3rd party service provider.

It could be that you are a web designer with less or no programming knowledge or you have the designs in PSD file format because of some reasons or upgrade your site to a fully functional web page then you can hire a PSD service provider. The scope of the PSD conversion company doesn't include web page design so you are needed to give the design.

How long does a PSD conversion company take to develop the conversions?

The exact time taken for the PSD conversion will differ from each service provider. In addition, it will also depend on your project's complexity, the number of web pages that required to convert and so on. You will anyway need to create that your conversion company provides you the timeline for the conversion before you sign the deal. Any professional PSD service provider will first examine the requirements and based on your needs will offer you their turnaround time for the task at hand. Some providers also manage to give last-minute conversion or urgent conversion jobs for which they can charge an additional cost. Before signing the deal it is crucial to get these factors explained.

Do they use any software to convert the PSD files? Can I not use the software myself and get the job done?

There are many software tools available for converting automatically or slice down the PSD design files into working website. Although, it is recommended that hand coding is used as manual coded web pages will have better results when compared to software created pages. Here again, clients are needed to double check whether the conversion company offers automated conversion or hand-coded services. You should seek for companies that give full-fledged manual coding. In this circumstance, if software created conversion or manual conversion what you are going to attain matters. Make sure you must aware what you are obtaining.

I don’t have any programming knowledge and do I need any programming skills?

You do not require any programming knowledge or have any technical skills. The main reason for why you are hiring a PSD conversion provider is because you do not have the programming knowledge. If you hire a professional and reliable PSD conversion provider, you do not have to worry because they will give you with a complete conversion solution by which you required to just allow them to manage your demands.

Will the web pages programmed by the PSD conversion company be search engine friendly? Or is SEO included in PSD conversion?

Finally, SEO is not included in PSD conversion service. Technically, these are 2 different sections and you don't get confused with each other. When you hire an SEO company you can't expect that they look out your PSD conversion and when you hire a PSD service provider you can't expect them to offer SEO service for your web pages. You need to aware that if you hire an experienced PSD to HTML or PSD to XHTML conversion service provider, they are hoping to follow international coding standards. The web pages that they code should comply with W3C standards. When the web pages coded follow the W3C standards than the pages automatically compatible with SEO friendly. But this isn't advanced optimization of the web pages for search engine ranking.

There is yet another aspect that required to point out here, experienced service providers use SEO semantics coding and if your PSD service providers use the recent SEO semantics, then it should take care of all the basic needs of making a web page SEO friendly.

After the PSD conversion should I choose another company to make my site into a responsive website?

Nowadays, almost all leading PSD service providers provide responsive coding as an integral part of their conversion service. If you hire your service provider without knowing what kind of conversion services they are providing then it's your mistake because as a client, you need to verify carefully about the service given by your company. Search and find the correct company that suits your requirements.

Today, not owning an interactive business site is a huge drawback. Even popular search engines such as Google give special importance to web pages that are highly interactive. In addition, more than 50% of the clients use their smartphones to access the web. You are required to make sure that your pages are displayed correctly.

What about after delivery support?

The greatness of the support and maintenance you attain after the PSD conversion differs from one provider to another. If you are in the process of choosing your PSD service provider, then this is one crucial field that you need to concentrate. Some service provider gives seven days after delivery support, while others provide 30 days after delivery assistance. However, you should aware that there are many providers they give 365 days support. You can look for the companies that provide the longest post support.

Along with the price tag, you can look for companies that provide the longest maintenance & support. And also you can look into the other elements like the reputation of the company, portfolio, experience, and much more.

The PSD conversion provider that doesn't have an impressive portfolio should I go ahead to hire them?

The portfolio of your conversion service provider will show their abilities. There can be 2 reasons why they do not have an impressive portfolio. First, they could be a new company and they don't have sufficient experience. In other words, they only worked on less projects that they could exhibit. They have less experience level so their portfolio is weak.

Second, they do not have anything that they could pride on. If they are average players then they would not have any impressive to show. In this circumstance also, your company may not possess strong portfolio. Better you can look for the company that has a strong portfolio, which means that they have enough experience to manage your project well and able to deliver the project within the mentioned period of time.

So go to the service provider who has vast experience and strong work to show off. And also it is important to ensure that the projects showcased are their work done for actual clients and not some samples that they have just created to fill the portfolio. As long as PSD conversion is concerned, you need to go with the best company. Investing enough time to choose your conversion company will a great distance in making you, happy clients.

Does PSD conversion service provider offer money back guarantee? And what does it cover?

This is one of the most questionable and very important areas as long as PSD conversion services are concerned. The answer is "YES", PSD conversion provider do provide money back guarantee. Anyhow, not all service provider offers the same. Companies that have a good reputation and concerned about customer satisfaction in the sector gives the money back guarantee. This guarantee is primarily satisfaction guaranteed. For few reasons, if you are not satisfied with the product delivered by the company or with the standard of the solution provided, you could be able to get back your money.

One important point is that you should understand that all money back guarantees are the same. Don't blindly trust that the money back guarantees cover everything. Before signing the deal, you should take enough time to look into the terms & conditions of the guarantee. Reliable and reputed service providers give the money back guarantee to the clients to make them feel comfortable. This also forces the companies to provide the best services so that they could keep the order and get paid for the job done.


The above discussed are just a few of the many doubts/questions that clients have while they hire a PSD to HTML, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla conversion services. If you thought that you didn't find the answers to your questions, then it is mandatory to get answers to sign the deal. If you have queries or doubts about the blog then feel free to contact us, we are here to help you at any time.


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