Golang Development Services

Golang Development Services

The latest programming language for developing strong analytical solutions

Building Productive and Efficient Applications for growth-seeking companies

Golang is an open-source and free programming language that is intended to develop the next-Gen enterprise apps for the industries which are seeking for the growth. Golang is specially composed for the cloud platforms. It is a strong standard library that has not gone overlooked by us. This Google made programming language has been created in a great reputation as of its authority in the API(Application Programming Interface) layer with concurrent operations along with the excellence of its development.

At HTML Offshore, we are building leading enterprise apps by using the standard practices of Golang, Big data analytics & cloud, enterprise mobility to enable business people retail, eLearning, across logistics, agriculture and much more.

Why Golang?

Simplifying software development

The project developed with Golang has numerous advantages for businesses. The easiness of Golang empowers the development process quicker, hassle-free and more positively the code maintainability less expensive.

Designed specifically for the cloud

The Golang programming language has standardized an exceptional compatibility with the cloud. Hence, our software professionals can build complex cloud apps by making use of this robust technology.

Consistent development of concurrent applications

The lightweight threads and Goroutines make multi-threading incredibly simple and easy. The streaming architecture of Golang simultaneity makes the development of a concurrent app with huge multi-regional teams.

High performance

The Golang allows it possible to compile a huge program in a very quick time frame from a single computer.

Software quality

The garbage collector, strict compiler, built-in testing and other language features make sure the highest quality of code. The programming with Golang needs great attention to detail.

Cross-platform development

The Golang supports for cross-compilation thus provides easy and fast cross-platform development.

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