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The Golang is collected definitely for the cloud platforms has been created with a great reputation as of its authority in the API layer with simultaneous operations and the greatness of its development. In HTML Offshore, as a reputed and renown Golang development company, we create software and web-based applications by using google go language. We have professionals in Golang who can help and take care of your web projects.

The standard library comes up with Golang is incredibly strong and except the app needs something industry specific or every position, there is a great probability that the standard library has an ideal solution or the first few stepping stones to help the team build a great solution.

Why Golang

  • Synchronous Programming Model
  • Simple Compiled Language
  • Robust Standard Library
  • Simultaneity Enablement
  • Runtime STACKS
  • Garbage Collection

Golang has conquered the following challenges faced by the traditional programming languages:

  • Memory management blocks
  • Massive type systems
  • Insufficient parallel computation and multi-core support
  • Dependency Management

"Concurrency" is inbuilt to the programming language. Lightweight and goroutines threads make multi-threading extraordinarily simple and easy.

We found in our experience that using Golang is simple and easy for startups, small sized and medium sized companies as they can gain the comfort of the not settled code base that they require to work. So we can predict 2 future big wins for Golang. One can be an important use and gratitude of Golang by an existing large company other than Google. Another occurrence would be an IPO or full attainment of a startup that uses Golang in their technology stack.

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