How To Find The Best Among Hybrid and Native app?

How To Find The Best Among Hybrid and Native app?

Previously, there were websites and later mobile apps come into usage, with that there was a question whether to use mobile apps or websites. Anyhow, mobile apps gained ground as they offer a better user experience than a website. There are many businesses which still in confusion on choosing between the two models. There are some questions you need to ask yourself. Let’s examine:

What is the difference between Hybrid & Native app?

The hybrid app development removes the need to code separately for different mobile operating systems (OS) such as iOS, Android, Windows and much more. These apps can be installed in all the major operating systems with the universal design and the same coding.

On the other hand native app, individual coding is required for each of the operating systems because every operating system has its own coding technology and they follow native guidelines. There are startups like Swiggy and well-established companies such as Facebook, MSN, etc., they have websites designed using a native platform.

Which one is the ideal choice including cost factor?

Native apps are very expensive to design than Hybrid apps. In case of hybrid mobile app development, there is a 30 percent fluctuation seen both in terms of cost factors and time consuming, if we develop all platforms in parallel. In such case, developing native apps would require up to Rs. 1 lacs, but the hybrid app will cost around 70-80,000 because it needs coding for once all platforms.

Hybrid apps development is preferred choice for startups because they are only testing their ideas and not more than that.

Native app development can be a brilliant choice for businesses that are very confident and comfortable with their market, customers and business model.

Is there any specific time to move to native?

The hybrid apps at the core are websites bundled into a native wrapper they look and function like a native application. You can easily move to native apps when you need to enhance the performance and user experience. When a company like to develop a mobile app, they are playing catch up with their competitors or a part of expanding the business. Both native and hybrid methods can get the job done, but there are some studies that need to be understood at the very beginning.


There are no one suits at all when choosing between the two models. The decision should completely depend on business needs. Before choosing the right app for your business, you must find out your objectives and the needs of the audience. In addition, you can hire a dedicated hybrid mobile app developer to design a full-fledged mobile app.


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