Important Things To Consider For An Attractive Email Template Design

Important Things To Consider For An Attractive Email Template Design

The biggest difficulty that comes way is attaining positive leads while running an email marketing campaign. You need to check out multiple things for the same starting from the design of an email template to the content, font, font size, color, and much more. As an email marketer, the main goal is to get select leads, optimize email design for plain text copy, drafting concise email and HTML. Whereas to reach a targeted audience, it is crucial to spread your message in the most effective and responsive ways.

Following are some useful tips that you must add to a promotional plan and obtain an unmatched email template design. These tips will help you encourage long-run customer relationships along with creating a successful email marketing strategy.

Deliver campaigns that shake with people

Visuals in any form grant as the great asset in a packed inbox.

When it comes to email marketing, there is always a debate on HTML emails and plain text emails. By providing plain text, email marketer cannot be able to analyze the campaign result or email open rate. HTML emails help you to exhibit your business in a special and interactive way along with a visually appealing content. It is also mandatory to design, striking visual email templates that hold on viewers. The usage of already made email templates not only saves time but also give complete flexibility in customization.

There are a wide variety of contents which come with email templates. These can be eliminated or replaced with ease. Another remarkable feature is its interactive nature that enables you to display a design that works same across all devices and platforms.

Pay attention to the layout

When designing an email template, ensure to organize it in a manner to allow readers to display important things first. Assemble your content from the start to the end and make sure that you add Call-To-Action(CTA) above the fold. The professional size to be selected is 350px height and 650px width. This size is easily accessible in all email clients, hence avoid the need to scroll.

The content placed above the fold is generally preferred for placing CTA along with the header must be a priority to make sure readers do not miss out on your service or product.

Choose fonts that email favors

The proper selection of the font can eliminate a lot of text related issues. While using fonts, always put forward that is easily accessible and works same across multiple web browsers. Using the correct font ensures the readability and doesn't distract users from their work.

Sketch with the right colors

Color is an important factor that allows conveying the right message. If you want the email template design looks neat, then choose colors that catch the attention of users and proceed with your promotional efforts.

Remove the overloaded information

Convey so much information in a single email will surely annoy the viewers, so it is necessary to divide your content into different categories or segments. Provide with clear headings and subheadings to help the viewers to understand your content in an easy and simple way.


These blogs give you a better understanding of designing an appealing, functional and business-oriented email templates. By using all of these tips, it is easy to design professional emails that grab the attention of the viewers.


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