Infographic for Marketing: Stats to Prove

Infographic for Marketing: Stats to Prove

Today, we are in a highly competitive field of online marketing. As per the field experts, brands require widening their horizons if they need to pass over the content noise. They are required to focus on the deeper engagement, invest in visual content to capture the online user’s concentration and cover more unique topics.

For this, the marketers have many choices which include slideshow presentations, videos, and VR content. But when it comes to adaptability and cost-efficiency, any other content type cannot match the value of infographics.

Following are some of their top 3 benefits


There are a lot of handmade designs with online design tools like Canva, not only are infographics cheaper than videos. However, a professional web designer is advisable if you need a 100% branded and exceptional infographic.

Easily Reorganize

The Infographics are ideally-suited for each and every known website content distribution channel from newsletters to blog posts. The Infographics can also be easily intended into slideshows by using the image editing tools/software.


The infographic can have various types of data visualizations to suit your big ideas by building it the "swiss army knife' of visual content. It can be used in Venn diagrams, charts, lists, timeline and other types of graphical content.

Infographics do appear like they are perfect for getting your point over to your potential users. But do they actually render the same?

Following are 4 stats that prove you can start using infographics for your marketing campaigns:

Infographics can improve the web traffic by 12%

In a web-driven economy, the web traffic is the essence of any sort of online business. Without web traffic, you cannot produce leads and without leads, you will finally run out of income to manage your organization.

By using the infographics you can improve the web traffic to your content by up to 12% in accordance with the Demand Gen Report.


Web audience adheres to the value, while infographics can offer via quality, bite-sized information that is applicable to their needs. Just tell the users about their pros and cons and implement aggressive promotion tips to increase your infographic. Favorably, the infographics are well known to perform remarkably well in social media, which drives to another crucial statistic

Infographics can produce 3x times more is involved in social media

Statistics that show the infographics get 3x times more involvement when compared to any other kind of content in social media, which results in more shares, likes, comments and reactions on Facebook.

The more involvement you produce, the more visibility your infographic get benefits. That is, you can greatly increase your social media presence with the right method revealing you to more potential influences and qualified leads.


  • Never forget to include various of branding elements that engage the social media audience back to your business site.
  • You can improve your success by using a social media platform such as Buffer & scheduling posts based on your user’s active times.
  • Enable your users can easily share your infographics with tools such as AddThis Image Share.

Infographics are 30 times more possibly to be read rather than text-only

The infographic gets focus irrespective of if it is through social community media or not. When it is used on your blog it is 30x times more possibly to be read rather than a post that has only text. That is, you will have various chances to get your brand’s message over and introduce new ideas that provoke the demand for your services or products.


Never waste priceless web traffic by just forgetting to have a lead get method in place. Once the site visitors are happy with your content then they should be more likely to subscribe to a newsletter or paying clients. You are required to give one extra push to them with the perfect Call-To-Action (CTA).

Even though the infographics act better than text alone, just try to write a minimum 600 words to synchronize with them in your article. This will help you to explain your key ideas and optimize your blog for search engine optimization (SEO).

Audience able to remember 65% of details when they are presented in visual form

The European Journal of Cognitive Psychology conducts a research and disclose that general user able to remember 65% of data when it is displayed in visual form. In similarity, they will only remember 10% of that detail if they are presented in text only form. In other words, infographics along with pictures, videos, memes, and photographs can provide a lasting impression on your users.


Being notable from similar competitors is a mandatory step to grow the brand. If you need your exceptional value propositions to be memorized, consider by using the infographic in your business site’s "About" page.

The infographics are very helpful for conveying step-by-step information. Use the infographics to provide tutorials on how to use your service or product.


Are you willing to take your content marketing to the next level? Just like any other tactics, you are required to be practical and knowledgeable before every decision.

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