Joomla Or Wordpress: Which CMS Is Better To Deploy In Your Site?

Joomla Or Wordpress: Which CMS Is Better To Deploy In Your Site?

Choosing the best Content Management System(CMS) that must support to the success of your online business is more important, which CMS has the ability to satisfy your business demands and remain top in the competitive industry to retain the brand name and identity. The better CMS framework offers functionalities like users to modify, publish and organize the web content in an effective manner. Nowadays, there are so many CMS available in the market and each of them providing the different set of features to the users but WordPress and Joomla are popular among them. Both frameworks are open source, easy to use and powerful. Here the question is which CMS is better for your business needs. In this blog, we provide basic information and ideas on Joomla and WordPress.

Overview Of Joomla And Wordpress


Joomla is one of the best Content Management System(CMS) platforms available when it comes to flexibility and ease in managing your site's content. This PHP based technology can be used to create the E-commerce portal, online forum, corporate website and much more.


WordPress is one of the open source content management system and blogging tool. This is a PHP language based framework compatible with MySQL database. It comes with a wide variety of themes and plugins that can be used to create a full-fledged website.

Now comes to the difference between these two technologies in terms of features.

Technical Aspects Of Joomla

Increase mobile users

People are increasingly using smartphones/tablets and frequently moving towards smart devices to get access to high comforts and portability. In order to reach maximum users, it is mandatory to focus on interactive web apps.

Common website

Joomla helps for a single interactive website is compatible to run on almost all devices like smartphones, desktop, tablet and so on.

Easily Deployable

This PHP based framework takes only less time to install on the system, so the time required for deployment is minimum and easy.

Smooth Navigation

You can give smooth and easy navigation experience to your users with the responsive Joomla development. This will enhance the site's user experience that has directly resulted in business growth.

Search Engine Optimization

When compared to WordPress, it needed more effort for optimizing your business website.

Skills needed to customize

This can be used only by the developer or technical professionals, for the non-technical person, it is mandatory to have the skills to make the website work.

Technical Aspects Of Wordpress

Easy to customize

Customization is very simple and easy in WordPress, today we get thousands of themes from the internet, many of which are available for free. You only need to download the theme and perform changes in configuration to make your website ready.

Quick & Hassle-free maintenance

Responsive Web Design powered online shopping website avoid the need for owning diverse websites for various devices with one universal website, so obviously the website maintenance cost will be reduced.

Low maintenance cost

By owing exclusive business site needs unique theme/template, web content and much more that can be obtained only be paid. So having the new website cost you additionally this the hosting cost and variable cost.


This technology offers excellent user-friendly experience. Moreover, it can be used by both technical and non-technical professionals.


Both technologies are reliable and implemented based on the business requirements. If you are a novice to web page building and want to create a blogging site, then WordPress is the ideal choice. For advanced sites, Joomla will be the best option. Above all understand your needs clearly and then go with selecting the technology, which suits perfectly for the website.


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