Joomla Vs. Magento: A Detailed Comparison To Choose The Best

Joomla Vs. Magento: A Detailed Comparison To Choose The Best

In this blog, I have presented a detailed comparison between the Joomla v/s Magento both are open source platform for the best E-commerce web solution for online business.

Comparison becomes mandatory, then only you can know the pros and cons of a platform and then you can select the one which perfectly suits your online business demands. Finding the characteristic of the things is a better approach to move towards advancement.

The following comparison represented in an easy and simple way to give a better understanding to choose the platform for your project. Moreover, this blog is not to highlight that which one is better, but it will help you to select the best one that meets your business requirements and within your budget.

General Joomla Magento
Founded in 2005 2008
Open source 100% 100%
Online visibility Brilliant Outstanding
Cost-effectiveness Less expensive Highly expensive
SEO-friendly Yes Yes
Multi-language support Yes Yes
Customization Less complex More complex
Mobile-responsiveness Yes Yes
Social media-friendly Yes Yes
Architecture MVC EAV
Platforms PHP, MySql HP, Zend framework
Installation Simple Difficult
Front-end Hassle-free Complex
Backend Fully customizable Needs expert help
Security Medium High
Stability Good Best
Online Support Better Assistance Exceptional Assistance
CMS performance Great CMS support Preferable only for shopping cart development
Blogging Easy Bit complex


The main oblective of this blog is to make detailed comparison between the Joomla and Magento E-commerce platforms. With the given details, you get better understanding of which plartform is best for your online business.


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