Joomla Vs. Wordpress: A Cold War Between Content Management Systems

Joomla Vs. Wordpress: A Cold War Between Content Management Systems

While creating a business site, the first step is to select the Content Management System(CMS). When we are searching for a CMS in search engine then we will get dozens of results. If we are looking for the number of users, then WordPress & Joomla are on top the results. It is very difficult to choose the best among the two.

Joomla or WordPress which is the best? This is never ending debate, but a gentle comparison between Joomla & WordPress can make it easy for the beginners to choose.

User Popularity & Statistics

When we discuss the user popularity and statistics of WordPress and Joomla, the results are obvious enough to name the winner. The WordPress has a huge market share of more than 17%, but Joomla possesses only 2.8% only.

Technical Pack

Unquestionably, WordPress is commended as the best Content Management System(CMS) specifically for blogging websites, but currently a large number of professionals recommend Joomla for bigger and complex websites. When we look into the technical stuff, Joomla v/s WordPress remains the same, so the decision is based on the type of the site clients demands to develop.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a very important aspect to be considered when selecting a CMS. In SEO both WordPress and Joomla are looking strong. But when we choose any one among the two, then WordPress looks positive and better than Joomla.


The website's utility is not just a matter of core or default customization options of a Content Management System(CMS). The additional extensions play a critical role when designing a website. By considering the extensions it is again Joomla v/s WordPress remains the same

Maintenance & Setup

None of the website owners willing to go with a CMS have complex setup and maintenance. Both WordPress and Joomla are simple and easy to learn, setup and maintain. In case of communication support, Joomla is a much better choice than WordPress.

Which Cms To Choose Between Joomla V/s Wordpress?

The advice is to analyze your business requirements and then choose the best CMS that will satisfy all your business requirements. If you have queries or doubts about the blog then feel free to contact us, we are here to help you at any time.


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