jQuery Mobile: Why and What is The Most Important Technology

jQuery Mobile: Why and What is The Most Important Technology

This jQuery Mobile framework is popular and powerful app development platform. This platform implies HTML and CSS3 programming language and jQuery library. This technology enables the professionals to code mobile apps and sites to own touch-optimized features. Today, the mobile apps have become the fundamental part of the Smartphones. The smartphones are available with different platforms, different versions, and various architectures, so it became important to build a mobile app that can run on a wide variety of devices easily, this can be achieved with the help of jQuery Mobile.

Detailed Description Of jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is different from jQuery UI and jQuery library. Even though, this jQuery Mobile framework has been built on jQuery UI and jQuery base. It is composed of the jQuery library, jQuery UI, and HTML/CSS3 to help the professionals in developing the User Interface components and advanced functions. In addition, jQuery Mobile provides several native specifications that help for mobile app development.

How jQuery Mobile Is The Best Platform

jQuery Mobile supports for many touch events based functions that can be used to improve the functionality of the mobile apps. In addition, there are many more specifications presented in this platform, that makes this platform is more important and powerful framework.

Incorporate Ajax Based Navigation System

This framework integrates with the Ajax-based Navigation system that helps to code animation and transition effects easily and effectively.

Based On jQuery UI

jQuery UI supports the developer to code creative User Interface along with a responsive design for the mobile application.

Supports Events-oriented Functions

jQuery Mobile support for many optimized touch-based events, that provides a lot of options for front-end developers to coding the advanced apps with smart and smooth accessibility.

Touch-Optimized Features

This jQuery Mobile framework has been bundled with touch-optimized features, this strengthens a professional to develop the mobile app’s User Interface more appealing and compelling.

Based On HTML5 and CSS3

This framework uses HTML5 and CSS3 scripting languages, the major advantage of these languages are compatible with almost all the latest web browsers. Moreover, it enhances the web page loading speed and improves the performance.


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