jQuery or AngularJS – Which One is Best?

jQuery or AngularJS – Which One is Best?

jQuery and Angular JS are one of the most talked technologies, these days and both give very tough competition to each other. jQuery and Angular JS are working in an organized and structured way to develop apps. Both technologies have contributed a lot to the front-end development.

What distinguishes Angular JS from jQuery is its composition. The jQuery makes a set of libraries, JavaScript and establish an MVVM framework. In this post, we perform a comparative study of the both to help viewers understand.


As mentioned above, jQuery is one of the powerful, and popular JavaScript library which is Document Object Model(DOM) handled. It enables the JavaScript usage as simple and easy. The features available in the library incorporates lightweight, Event handling, Effects and Animations, HTML manipulation, CSS manipulation, and Cross-browser compatibility. There are no binding structures in the jQuery library, which in turn enables professionals to develop a website as they desired. jQuery is faster, a feature-rich programming language used for developing rich featured websites.

jQuery is the best choice if you are planning for powerful and lightweight DOM operation. It empowers professionals to tailor the DOM on top of JavaScript. Along with Vanilla JavaScript jQuery can be used for developing a website. If experts are seeking for flexible and lightweight websites, then jQuery is an ideal choice. By using jQuery, programmers can effectively combine features of the app, just like the slider functionality. jQuery can also suggest for faster scripting ideas.


jQuery is not right technology to create large size apps by considering the DOM manipulation library. The absence of some exquisite features in jQuery makes it not applicable for development of quick and complicated apps. To improve the features of the website, professionals need to depend on additional plugins and libraries. Usage of big libraries will not only degrade the applications' performance, but also make vulnerable to errors/bugs in the future.

Angular JS

Angular JS is based on JavaScript framework and it is particularly used to develop single page apps. The functionalities provided includes Restful API, MVC support, two-way data binding, form validation, Angular directives and much more. Angular JS is well-structured and organized, it enables programmers to easily obtain the best single page app. The Angular JS framework also supports JSONP/AJAX.

Angular JS is highly recommended for an SPA website because it is an open-source web development framework. This framework needs many disciplines to work. Angular JS possess each use to maintain the web pages structured and well-maintained. Some important features like dependency injection and two-way data binding help in the development of more engaging and attractive applications.

If the goal is to build better quality apps with a single page, you can choose Angular JS for your project.


Angular JS is relatively difficult than jQuery to learn. The Angular JS developer community is also not the quite bigger team. They are still in the process if estimating the reaction of potential users of the technology.


When compared to jQuery, the Angular JS has some strong and clear functionality. Although the functionality varies depending on the purpose they are being used for. So, you need to consider the demands of your business and then choose the one among them that suits you well.


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