Mobile Application Development With Feature-Centric Method Saves Valuable Time and Money

Mobile Application Development With Feature-Centric Method Saves Valuable Time and Money

The past year had something progressive as the app economy is concerned. Today, the number of companies that are accepting the mobile-first approach. Since mobile investment has become needed, businesses started to use this channel to improve the already existing revenue and satisfy the clients' requirements.

Mobile applications are attaining popularity possessing to the changing business strategies and increasing user requirements. The mobile application field will endure optimistic changes that can be expected in the upcoming years.

Following are some of the latest mobile application development trends for the upcoming years.

Location-based technology

It is anticipated that the location-based technology will continue to predominate in the healthcare and retail domain. As per the research conducted by Juniper, through location-based services it is expected that by 2019, $43.3B worth of retail revenue will be generated.

M-Commerce keeps to rule

An increment is constantly seen in the M-Commerce industry and more clients are getting interested towards Google Wallet and Apple Pay instead of Plastic money. The M-Commerce is certainly going to be soaring in the forthcoming years.

iOT applications will rise with smart technology

iOT will also continue to overlook with spreading wings around the globe. Here the role of mobile application developers comes into the picture they are contributing a lot to link the world with the latest technologies. iOT is something acquiring better with time and provide improved facilities to reach things at home by using iOT based apps. The Internet of things spreads in multiple areas such as home automation, energy, healthcare, integrated security control and so on.

Mobile apps will become more intelligent

The presence of larger hardware empowers mobile apps more intelligent. Where it is Google Translate’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm for photo filters, AI will enable mobile apps aware.

The mobile apps lead to fresh designs assisted with the powerful system and also improves its predictive features. Likewise, developers can easily design apps with the arrival of open-source machine learning platforms that understand voice recognition, face detection, and emotions.

User-developed apps will emerge

Users with no strong technical knowledge can also be able to develop full-fledged applications with the availability of various low code development tools, in a short period of time.

Android Instant Mobile Apps

The conventional method involved download freeware followed by the purchase of the application with the license. By using such advertising channels, monetization has also been achieved simple and easy way.

Instant mobile applications introduced in Android smartphones by Google have seen an evolved. It just needs an Android phone with a high-speed Internet net connection to function the applications without installing on the phone.

Importance of Mobile App Development Trends

The forthcoming years are going to see faster growth for mobile application designers and developers. The future of mobile apps seems challenging with more possibilities of features with these trends.

Among all of this quality of the product will be seen as a key component. This clearly shows the continuous advance of mobile apps for both small and mass markets. So, these mobile application trends will see a rise every time and everywhere.


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