Tips For A Successful Mobile Friendly Email Campaign

Tips For A Successful Mobile Friendly Email Campaign

In today's digital world with the soaring usage of mobiles, online marketers and business owners pursuit e-mails that are mobile friendly. Integration of mobile friendly concepts in e-mails enables easy, readable and clear to understand the text. Responsive type of email services enhances the look and function to a greater extent.

Using a clear and brief CTA

The success of an email campaign depends on both in design and content, elaborating and complicating content is a bad idea. The survey reports strongly emphasize that views prefer brief emails that do not divert & disturb them.

It is mandatory to design a clear and simple CTA(Call To Action). It should be luring and lead customers to procure your product. Implementing CTA, you can make it on top to make it more mobile friendly. CTA ensures the maximum clicks by making things very simple and easy to understand.

Understanding the visitors

The first and foremost important thing is to understand your audiences. Then only owners should be investing time and money in mobile marketing. It is also really you to understand the demographics of customers, their email viewing pattern, the devices they are using to read emails.

Adobe's survey discloses, 79% read emails when on a vacation, 69% of people view emails while watching TV and 3% check emails in the middle of the night.

So, it is important to understand the requirement of customers, then make the designs.

Using single columns

The single column layout ensures compatibility across email clients and mobile devices. While designing an email for mobile it is preferable to use a single column. likewise, 3 columns must be avoided. Never indulge complex layout because this not only gives an unappealing layout, but also divert the viewers, that reflect in lesser conversions.

Push the font size slightly higher

The enlargement in font size can result in enhancing the readability of emails. Devices like the iPhone can automatically resize the texts and some devices allow the user to enlarge screens to make the texts readable. It is advisable to good to keep font size of 14 pixels for the body and 22 pixels for the header.

Using Whitespace cleverly

When placing layouts properly, it enhances the appeal of mobile content. In order to give the text some reasonable and decent space, you need to place it around links.

Test and Test

Different types of emails should be tested again and again to make sure readability and compatibility with different browsers and devices. Using tools like Litmus, Email on Acid, PutsMail is optimistic.


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