Learn about progressive web apps

Learn about progressive web apps:

A progressive web applications provide cross-browser and multi platform compatible. The progressive web app is a newly emerging concept that uses modern web features to offer users an app like experience. These applications can be the next milestone in mobile web. In the early stage itself, progressive web apps drew a lot of attention to its effective user experience.



These apps are responsive so they can easily render on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Connectivity independent

The main advantage of this app is it can run in poor internet connectivity or in offline mode.


Just like any other app, these progressive apps also installed on your device and use easily.


Security is one major benefit in this app, these apps are hosted over HTTPS to prevent from hackers.


Progressive web application available over the URL too. Without installing the app user can use this app. Linking URL's come along with the application.


As said earlier, these progressive applications render on all kinds of browsers and on all platforms. No restriction to use as per customer's choice.

Progressive app to better user involvement & increased conversions

Progressive web apps combine the app's advantage and wide reach of the web. By bringing native features this app can solve the real-time business problems. This app has two major components, i.e., the shell, and the content. The shell contains UI elements when the app is cached the shell always saved on the device. This shell contributes to good performance. These apps can load all types of content much faster.

Seamless inter-app experience

One of the noteworthy capability of the progressive app is cross-app functionality. This feature helps in switching between apps and sharing information. Moreover, these apps are much faster than others.

Deep Linking

The usage of deep linking is to direct the user to particular content within the app. The same method works across all other apps. For example, an app like WhatsApp deep linking directly opens the target app and takes the user directly to the content that was shared. You can install the app from play store or app store.

Feels like an app, works like a website

The progressive web apps are designed and developed to look and feel like the mobile apps. It provides users to work in the similar settings like websites with active data access. Like any other websites, the web app can be accessed through URL's and indexable by search engines.

For example, It is easy to find pages on Google and Bing.

The design will give the feel to users that they are browsing a progressive web app, in that way these applications are developed. Though the progressive web apps accessed via a URL, it eliminates the requirement of play store/app store submission.

Eliminate the requirement of the app store

Registered an app in Google Play Store, Apple's app store or Windows phone can be expensive and take considerable time. One of the main goals of the progressive web app is to push new updates without waiting for approval or any other features. When apps get relaunch, all the users will get new updates automatically. The push notification helps the users to know about the updates.

Service worker

Service worker script acts as the middle-level layer between web request and web servers. This service worker caches all contents whenever the user visits the page. The information is saved on the users' device locally. So this acts like every time a link is clicked, the request will send to service worker script and then based on the rules it will load a new web page. Likewise, if the user is offline, it is possible to access the service worker cache from local storage. This enables the websites to work efficiently in offline mode also.


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