PSD To WordPress Conversion: Special Considerations

PSD To WordPress Conversion: Special Considerations

Today, millions of sites are using WordPress as their (Content Management System) CMS. When WordPress was released no one ever imagines that this normal blogging platform will become a popular content management system that will enhance millions of sites. The WordPress is an open-source content management system(CMS). Earlier it released with very limited template designs, but now that it evolved as an exclusive content management system used by many top brands, the basic designs will definitely not be sufficient. If you want to release a WordPress powered business site, then you will improve your website with a unique look and features. You can select an already existing template or you can create your own custom-made template design.

Organizations which desired to empower their brand image stand ahead of the rest of the competition mostly go for customized WordPress designs. It is really a good plan to attain a customized design for your site, but one of the biggest challenges that you face in designing is converting the PSD design files into WordPress format.

PSD Conversion service

The PSD conversion service is a common approach to designing a website. Anyhow, not everyone will be able to manage this effectively. Most of the web designers usually develop the design layout in Photoshop and a developer work on the site design and coded it with HTML/HTML5 or other appropriate web development technology. By considering the WordPress, web pages have to be programmed to a WordPress format, then that web pages will resolve correctly on the WordPress site.

Challenges In PSD To WordPress Conversion

Converting complex static designs into WordPress web pages will need huge experience and skills. Not all can able to manage these conversion tasks. Only a few with enough coding skills will be able to do 100% fairness to your website designs and convert it to full-fledged web pages.

Professional v/s Shoddy Job

A key ingredient is an attention to details on building impressive conversion. If there is one aspect that stands in the middle first-class PSD conversion and a shoddy job then it is attention to detail. The programming expert who is involved in the task should also have some web design sense to convert the PSD design files into WordPress format without receptive to the appealing. Attention to details is definitely going to be a notable here.

Functional Details

The PSD to WordPress slice down the task, we are not just talking the website design conversion, but there are many other challenging jobs. You want to make sure that the site is fully operational also besides just converting the design files to the WordPress web pages.

As contrary to the basic HTML web pages, WordPress web page needs to take into functional feasibility and technical compatible aspects too. Hence, it is not enough that your WordPress site just looks visually appealing and it should be functionally effective.

The WordPress is a full-fledged content management system(CMS). Without losing their integrity, keeping all the features is the challenging for the programmers. In addition, the site should also provide for consistent integration of additional plugins & modules in the future.

The programming experts should be well-versed with the recent version of the WordPress. Every new version of WordPress released will have added functions and error fixes. All these things should be taken into consideration during the conversion else the final outcome will be affected. You will get a functional WordPress web page, but your visitors will often run into problems when they start using your site. Functional integrity is one more challenge to be carried in mind in the PSD to WordPress conversion process.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Whether it is a PSD to WordPress conversion process or PSD to some other open-source platforms there is one common concern that needs to be considered and that is cross-browser compatibility. Your WordPress powered site should be able to load automatically in almost all the latest web browsers. Except you have tested the pages in all the latest browsers & platforms, it is not possible to make sure the cross-browser compatibility. Often we come across sites that can render exactly in almost all the browsers but even those sites run into malfunction when you are trying to use their payment gateways. For instance, a number of banking sites work only in some particular versions of IE. They do not work in Google Chrome, Firefox or some other leading web browsers. Clients who are trying to make payments via Internet Banking from 3rd party service providers run into issues if they don't log into the 3rd party site by using IE. Here that banking website would have failed to test the cross-browser compatibility features and that is why clients face troubles when they about to perform a transaction from various web browsers.

Responsive Design

Another feature integrated is Responsive Design. At some point, the web pages have to open perfectly in all the latest version of web browsers and all the functionalities should work as expected irrespective of the browser type. At another point, the website should also work well, irrespective of the gadgets used to access the site. Responsive web design is the much need of the hour. When you release a WordPress site, then your website is created in such a way that the web pages are load appropriate to the user based the gadgets used. The main challenge present in the PSD to WordPress development is you have to make sure that your audiences get the proper web pages rendered on their device. Visitors required to look their eyes to see your WordPress web pages if the desktop version is loaded to the audience who is accessing your site via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Likewise, all the features and functions of your site should be working flawlessly in the responsive versions also. Make sure that your visitors are able to complete the transactions completed without any problem even if they use their mobile phones. You could easily observe that when you are converting your PSD designs into WordPress format, challenges with compatibility needs to be addressed at different levels. Hence, you can't transfer the conversion task randomly to someone depends on independent sureness.

You will need to go through the portfolio of the company to know about their capabilities. This doesn't mean that you will always face problems when you hiring PSD to WordPress conversion company, this is a very complicated process and you need to have the correct partner for the task. So make the right selection after taking considering the credibility and reputation of the company.

SEO Friendliness

If you have the question why you should have a web site in the first place, what will be the answer? Better and greater reach. Yes, today every business in the market is trying to get a better reach. When we say better reach, we can't definitely avert the discussion on web competition. If you were the sole owner of the niche, then you will have no issues with a wide reach. But, in reality, your business has to compete with hundreds of other companies.

Your PSD to WordPress conversion make sure that your site is attractive and it is also search engine friendly. The WordPress is well-known for its search engine friendliness. Anyhow, it needs to be assisted by your web design. The complete conversion process and PSD to WordPress arrangement should take this single aspect as the most important standard because all your other efforts could go simply wasted without being a search engine friendly website. Hence, your overall interest is to create a search engine friendly WordPress site.

W3C Compliance

For many of the business/website, there's no concern about what is going on inside the website as long as they look and work correctly. Anyhow, when considering a successful WordPress site, there are things that always go beyond the surface. The programs coded for your WordPress web pages must be without clutter. They should be compliant with the W3C paradigm. Though externally you will not see any changes, you need to ensure that neat coding practices are used on your business website. If you required to upgrade your site or make any changes to your programs, then your future developer should be able to understand the existing programs. You need to assert that your PSD to WordPress developers stick to W3C standards. As a business owner or client, you may not be technically proficient enough to review the programs or even don't know the difference whether the W3C coding standards followed or not and that is why it becomes very crucial that you select a professional company with a high reputation.

Page Speed Score

Another important aspect is that when you are trying to load a web page, you are trying to convert the PSD designs into WordPress site is the page speed score. This mention to the speed at which your web pages render in the client's web browser. Your business site needs to render faster to make sure the best user experience. Search engines such as Google think page-loading speed as a very crucial ranking aspect. If the web pages take more time to load then it will give frustration to users. Search engines are specific that they keep their clients satisfied. If your site is not going to meet their standards then you are not only going to disappointed users but also you are going to have issues with the search engines. They don't want to rank you better in the search results. For instance, by keeping the more server requests to the lower level, you will be able to improve the loading speed of the web page to a considerable level. Hence, you should aware how to manage the things. But, if you are not writing code for your pages by yourself, and hiring a company for the PSD to WordPress conversion process then ensure that they are able to manage such demands.

Conversion Turnaround Time

Another area that you need to focus is the conversion turnaround time, regardless of whether you are going to manage the PSD conversion yourself or get the job done by a 3rd party service provider. On the one hand, your needs to get the best job done and also get the work done in a timely manner. You can't throw a sloppy task just as you don't have time. Try the conversion work only when you aware that you can finish it to perfection, else get someone that can do the job for you.

When you are planning to hire a company for your PSD to WordPress conversion purpose, check with the company about the time taken for the entire conversion process. Many PSD conversion companies don't have their own team of professionals to handle advanced conversion tasks or for specialized conversion jobs like PSD to WordPress. They outsource such jobs when doing only simple PSD conversion works with the in-house team. You never know that the service provider is managing the conversion by in-house staff or done with the help of 3rd party service providers. So you need to be very careful when choosing the right company for your project. Deal with the Work only with a service provider who deliver work in the promised time.

Are You Uneasy?

Are you feeling worried about going through this post? The PSD to WordPress conversion service is really a challenging work. There are many technical difficulties associated with the process. In addition, you need to have the overall picture in mind. Certainly, it is not only about the design or the coding, but everything should be stable to deliver the clients with a user-friendly site.

The PSD designs to WordPress conversion should also take an innovative view. Your site must be user-friendly and compatible with the future audience also, then it is very easy and simple job for upgrade purpose.

There are many new functionalities, features and capabilities added to the WordPress. With every updated version of WordPress comes with its own complexity. The professional who is going to work on the PSD to WordPress conversion must update with the latest development trends and incorporate this skill into the conversion task.

If you are working with the company that has huge experience in the industry and has a good reputation, then you will not be needed to worry about such problems. The main task is you have to find the right service provider. If you have queries or doubts about the blog then feel free to contact us, we are here to help you at any time.


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