PSD to XHTML Conversion Service: A General Summary

PSD to XHTML Conversion Service: A General Summary

Why should you know the web design fundamental?

Are you preparing to release a business site for your online business requirement? Do you want to become an SEO professional? Or, are you an enthusiastic web designer? Then the beginning point is that you must know the basics of the web design. The depth of understanding needed will differ from case-to-case in the above 3 instances. Anyhow, without possessing this basic knowledge, you can't go too far. Hence, it is necessary that you take a look at the basics of the web design and one important area that we are going to concentrate here is the PSD conversion. For that you must aware of the basics, we don't expect you to learn these design and concepts of the websites by alone yourself. Here the purpose is that by learning the fundamental you get to make knowledgeable web design choices.

What is PSD conversion and why is it needed?

When you start to learn the fundamental of website designing and web design process, a crucial area that needs your concern will be PSD conversion service. Depending on your needs, it can PSD to HTML, PSD to XHTML, PSD to Joomla, PSD to WordPress, or any other formats. By using Photoshop, web designers create the basic design and the website layout. The Adobe Photoshop is used as it is a simple, easy and friendly graphic design tool and it is bundled with excellent web design features, which enable the web designers to give life to the most design concepts. The resulting file format will be the PSD format. If needed, you can attain the result in the general image formats like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG and much more. These file formats can't be directly used in the pages because the search engines can't read and understand the image contents. To enable the pages readable by the search engines we needed to convert this PSD design files or image files into HTML coded files. The PSD conversion is not only for search engine friendliness, but also empower the sites more user-friendly.

PSD conversion service where to get started?

In the normal situation, it is very improbable that you search for the PSD conversion services yourself as a website owner/admin. In many instances, the web design company will look out of it, they will either do the conversion by their own team or send to 3rdparty service providers and get it done. Anyhow, if you ensued to have your design in PSD file format or image format and need to attain it programmed then where do you begin? Finding the best PSD to HTML or PSD to XHTML conversion services is the beginning point.

However, this may seem simple, easy but it is not all that simple. You can't trust your PSD conversion requires to any random company. You must choose reputed and an experienced company that can be able to provide pixel-perfect PSD conversion. What are the aspects that will help you choose here?

PSD Slicing: Key Considerations

Page loading speed

How quicker the codes that you have developed for your HTML web page or WordPress page enable the web pages to load fast? Web Page loading speed is a main, latest search engine ranking standards. The quicker the web page loads, it gives the better user experience. Search engines such as Google, Bing, etc., consider page score as a crucial ranking aspects. Therefore, you can't put your site in a disadvantaged place. Except you are dealing with an experienced PSD to HTML service provider, you won't be able to attain a code that focuses on all these aspects. You need to be very careful when selecting your PSD to HTML conversion company.

Responsive pages

Everyday, website designing becomes complex. It is just not enough that the site is beautiful, but your site audience should be able to access your site from any gadgets. Today, with the high-speed internet and web technology users access the web from a wide array of devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Your code should be capable to render pages correctly in devices of all display sizes without any issue. Smart watches are also gaining popularity among the audience. It is high time that the codes also get attention to smart watches while trying to make the web pages interactive.

Manual coding

There are software tools that can convert the PSD design files into the needed format like HTML or XHTML. Anyhow, the standard practices are that it has to be managed manually. Software generated code can't deliver the perfect result that we needed. When you are searching for a PSD conversion company, one of the main criteria that you should be using is 100% hand coding.

Cross-browser compatibility

This feature is one main concern today as we've too many web browsers via which people trying to access the web. Earlier most of the web traffic came via IE and things were easy & simple. But that is not the case today, there is various web browsers are available and no single web browser is common for all. If the PSD to XHTML or HTML conversion that you are performing are not compatible with all the recent and the famous web browsers, then you will end up in losing much more audience.

Therefore, it is one of the key aspects when you are looking to get your PSD design files coded in XHTML or HTML. If you are hiring a PSD to HTML service provider, make certain that they assure you cross-browser compatible PSD conversion service. You need to test your site with all the leading web browsers, if you didn't test, then your users may have issues in accessing your pages and you will be losing web traffic. Gaining web traffic to sites itself a very crucial part and losing traffic just because your web pages are not compatible with the recent browser versions will be a big mistake.

Search engine friendly markup

Another important aspect that can be taken into account is whether the code is search engine friendly. Nowadays, it is not just enough that your pages are attractive, above that the pages must be very friendly with search engines. If at all you are going to get any advantages out of your site, it will be done only when the audience comes to your site. Your business website will be capable to attain potential visitors only when it is placed on top of the search engine results.

Protecting your privacy when using PSD To XHTML conversion services

As a business person, you require protecting your intellectual property. While you are sending your PSD design files of the final pages to a 3rdparty PSD conversion company, there is a risk that your business model can disclose and before you release your service/product, your competitors can try to steal the data. Intellectual property rights are one of the complex areas. Sign NDA with your service provider is one fine idea from that you can protect data. Before signing the deal for your PSD to HTML or PSD to XHTML conversion service, make sure that your NDA is signed and that your conversion company gives you written guarantee to comply with the NDA.

It is a very important factor if you are a web design company and using a 3rd party service provider to manage the PSD conversion demands of your clients. When your conversion company fails to obey with the NDA then it will cause your brand’s reputation.

Why reputation of the PSD conversion service provider plays a crucial role?

While you are picking your PSD service provider, you are likely to compare a number of service providers. You can attain quotes from multiple conversion providers. The normal trend is to settle with a company that provides the best prices. Anyhow, you may want to seek the complete process in a little different light. When you are choosing your PSD to HTML conversion company rather than using just the cost as the paradigm for the selection process, you require paying focus to the reputation of the company as well into account.

Reputation matters for a number of many other qualities of the company. For instance, if the conversion service provider doesn't honor the NDA then it will have an instant impact on the reliability of the conversion company. If your company should have a questionable reputation in terms of NDA compliance then it is not the best idea to work with such a conversion company.

Likewise, prominence of the service providers has a lot to say about the quality of the service, prominent delivery of the project and much more. If the clients are not satisfied with the quality of the service, then they move to another provider. When you came across such negative reviews or feedback then it is crucial that you don't ignore those feedbacks.

Taking control of the quality of your website design

Overall quality of your site determines many things, especially while you are trying to endure in this highly competitive field. Poor PSD marking service can destroy your business. It is not only just enough that you have an appealing design for your site in the PSD file format or image format. It has to be exactly transferred to XHTML, HTML or other suitable formats. You need to focus on details when it comes to making sure quality. If your service provider can't guarantee you exceptional PSD service provider, then you might as well use an uncovering software to automatically strip the design files. If you are spending your money on hiring a PSD to HTML service provider, then you never compromise on the project quality.

How about the PSD conversion charges?

If hire a PSD conversion company then that will also cost you money. Every service provider that you come across in the field will have a various price option. How do you determine who is providing the best services at an affordable cost? Of course, it is a tough task to find the correct match here. To begin with a screen for the best company, attain quotes from minimum 3 top companies. Review the reliability of the company.

Customer service

While you deal with any conversion company on the web, you will attain frustrated with the complete process as the service provider doesn't care about client satisfaction. You may need one-time requirement or continuous requirement, you will be required to work with a service provider that gives importance to client satisfaction. The service provider they are highly professional in their work will surely have assigned a project manager to every client. If you don't need to face issues when you attain your PSD design files converted into XHTML, HTML or other needed format, you need to be very careful in all these aspects of PSD conversion service.

How can web design companies benefit from PSD conversion services?

If you want to have a successful web design company, you required to stir out as many websites possible every month. You required owning a large team of design professionals to assist your process. One of the crucial parts of the web design method as you must aware of the design conversion from the PSD to the other search engine friendly formats like WordPress, HTML, XHTML and much more. Slicing down the PSD is both complex part and also more time-consuming parts. Hence, if that is the case, then the number of sites that you release will lessen.

While you attaining the PSD code done by the professionals who are skilled and passionate about this profession, then the overall quality of your website designs will be improved. Of course, this will make your clients satisfied & happy and they will come back to you with more business via word of mouth advertising.

To conclude

The PSD to HTML or PSD to XHTML conversion decides your site's quality. Let's consider, you have an attractive web design in the PSD design format, but if that is not made into HTML/XHTML codes exactly in the web format then your beautiful design and the invested cost will go waste. Look for the service provider that takes pride in their work because of this you will get the best PSD to HTML/PSD to XHTML conversion services.

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