Responsive Email Templates Design: Guidelines For Effective Designing

Responsive Email Templates Design: Thumb rule for Impressive Designing

Obviously, Email is one of the old practice for businesses to get connected with the potential users. But Email is still the efficient and effective medium to reach the target audiences. Today, Email has been changed to Responsive Email Template. With this ever-changing times, we all well awarded the big change in the way how people are using the Internet. Smartphones and tablets are wide using platform to connect to the Internet. Therefore, a variety of industries also accepted the Responsive Email Templates Design for their business.

Responsive Email Templates are extremely different from the usual Email. Responsive Email automatically scales its dimension as per the devices' screen. So that a single Email can be broadcast to all audiences and the same can be read by them without any hindrances. But, all Responsive Email templates are not efficient as desired, they also have some drawbacks.

Following are some primary features which need to consider, when implementing responsive email template design

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Today, there are various Email apps and platforms available in the market. So, it is mandatory that the Email template should be tested on every platform for its accessibility.

Table-less Coding:

Sometimes, while loading at the display screen responsive email templates takes a long time, this makes the reader to frustrated and they may delete the Email or mark it as a spam. The main reason for this depends on the table based coding. To avoid that the developers must try to use CSS for Email templates. CSS offers an effective framework for positioning elements easily in the email and also contribute to making the template lighter.

Pixel Perfection:

Pixel-perfect email template is the most anticipated one. Because the image gives a smooth illustration and without any blur. Therefore, make sure that the email templates must possess perfectly coordinated pixel on the device screen.

Manually-coded Design:

The manually-code method helps to get neat, organized and well-structured email template design. Hand-code always ensures more quality and reduce the errors.


Responsive Email Template Design is a powerful and appealing method to approach the clients. Therefore, it is crucial to develop an email template with the perfect method. This approach helps to save a lot of time and money for the business. Hope this blog helps you to know more about how to develop the best responsive email template, if you have any queries then contact us now, we are ready to help you.


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