Responsive Email Templates: For Gmail Service Provider

Responsive Email Templates: For Gmail Service Provider

Today, for email campaign all around the world Gmail responsive email template has become very important. There are billions of people are connected to Gmail e-mail platform. Even though with the arrival of various smartphones and tablets but still user prefers Gmail platform on their device. Hence, it has given birth to the concept of responsive email templates, that can run exceptionally well on the Gmail platforms and provide better user experience.

What is Gmail and How it Works?

Gmail is the free e-mail service provided by Google, that can be accessed on any device with the help of the mobile app or traditionally by web browsers irrespective of the platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and much more. This platform offers 15GB of email storage to each and every user. This Gmail also comes along with Google search engine that simplifies the email which is sent or received searching for the user. It maintains a conversation in the best way.

Today, as the smartphones and their platforms have become trends all across the world. There are a variety of platforms that support Gmail services have been released in the marketplace, this ensures that all the users can conveniently access the email on their smartphones, tablets or desktop. The Gmail platform generally compiles HTML5 & CSS3 to grant the email to users.

What is Responsive Email Templates in Gmail?

The responsive email templates for Gmail are the emails that run on a variety of devices and give the best experience to users. These types of email templates are coded with the help web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. For creating Gmail responsive email templates, there is a need for in-depth knowledge of HTML, HTML5, CSS3 and other web technologies based on different devices available in the marketplace. Hence, if you compose the Gmail oriented, responsive email templates then you need to hire a developer from HTML offshore, a reputed and reliable company for developing responsive email templates.

Why Choose HTML Offshore for Email Templates Development

HTML Offshore is the web development company, where the team of professionals works efficiently on the development of responsive email templates. Our team has great knowledge of all the operating systems' architecture such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. The research department of HTML Offshore analyzes all the recent features added to the corresponding platforms so that they can offer an effective email template to their users.

Our policy is cost-effective, highly economical and provides the following advantages:

  • Neat, Well Structured and Marked up with HTML/CSS Coding
  • Support Gmail for Multiple Platforms
  • Faster Delivery Time
  • Highly Stable In Every Content and Design Feature
  • Customized and Reused
  • Optimized Inline CSS Properly
  • Pixel Perfect Layout and Retina Display Effect
  • Properly Commented Markup
  • Sign Non Disclosure Agreement

Platform Support

Gmail Responsive Email Templates

To ensure that the developed email templates function well on the platforms our team test all the email templates and provide the best user experience. It will also enable the senders to custom made the email content. Following are the list of their supported platforms:

  • Gmail (Google Chrome)
  • Gmail (Internet Explorer)
  • Gmail (Mozilla Firefox)
  • Gmail (Android Browser)
  • Gmail App (Android 4.0+)
  • Gmail (iOS 7+)

With the ever-changing times, they customize the development strategy with respect to the different Gmail email platforms. Therefore, the customer will experience the feature in the Email templates. The main goal is to offer the templates that obtain all customer’s needed features. Our technical and customer support team works 24x7 to make sure that the customers have never struggled with any kind of issues regarding the deployment of the email.


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