Responsive Web Design: Be Compatible With Different Sizes Screen

Responsive Web Design: Be Compatible With Different Sizes Screen

Today, we are living in the modern world of inventions, growth & discoveries. One of the famous inventions is a desktop PC as it reformed the world after becoming a common home appliance in 1990. The arrival of the Internet gave birth to various devices such as smartphones, netbook, tablets and so on. Now, we are faced with the problem that clients visit different websites with a variety of devices and get stuck as all websites, images, contents, etc., cannot be viewed same on all types of devices. To get rid of with this issue, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is being spoken all over the world.

The evolution of web designing with RWD: The Cascading Style Sheet(CSS3) media queries including flexible images, fluid grids, it is simple and easy to surf and read web content on a variety of devices and browsers using resizing, scrolling and panning at a minimal level. The web designing sector is consistently growing with huge photographic backgrounds and large header images, to attain compatibility with various technologies like jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.

Hence, a responsive website is developed with 3 strong features of CSS3:

  • Delicately used flexible and fluid grid
  • Get better with responsive images
  • Media queries

With a perfect combination of these 3 features, whenever an audience switches from laptop to smartphone, the site will be automatically be changing to get in concord with image size, scripting, and resolution.

The range of responsive web design is very wide because technology is seeing some type of developments every day. Various tools are responsible and play a crucial role in the method of making the design of a site responsible. These tools are used in various stages:

Adopting FitText Process:

Taking support of JQuery plugin for web type that contains responsive or fluid layout, web professionals ensure to get scalable headlines which are used to fill the width of a basic element. With the help of font size, it is made adaptable and flexible with different screen sizes.

Role of Adobe Device Central CS5.5:

The production work of responsive and interesting web content of smartphones, tablets and other related devices that can be simplified. The responsive web developer makes sure that the images and content give an engaging experience to the audience.

Usage of Grid System:

To make a responsive web design grid system plays an important role because it offers strong structural and visual balance to sites. By using the latest layout structures, it enables viewers to experience the remarkable visual appeal and high flexibility in a website.

Trend of Gridless Option:

Gridless is open-source that works well with all the latest version of browsers(Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.) this option provides smooth and trouble-free interactive website design. By using a perfect mixture of HTML5 and CSS3 it allows the audience to enjoy with the feature of cross-browser compatibility, attractive typography and it is a responsive website.


Popular as a boilerplate in responsive web design, it enables in developing mobile-friendly development and visually appealing website design the site can render same in all types of screens like mobile, laptop and iPhone. This method is a powerful collection of CSS and JS files.

Features of Skelton Process Includes

  • Fast to start
  • Grid down to mobile
  • Style agnostic

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Layout Optimization:

As it allows the audience to get changing content on the website into optimized for almost all devices this helps to get more potential traffic to their business site.

Can View on Various Devices:

Responsive Web Design enables viewers to see the content on all smartphones (Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, etc.) and tablets.

Future of Responsive Web Design

The Responsive Web Design has appeared with those advantages and features that needed for those is never-ending. The demand for its features and their usage is much more and its future can be seen with more advancements & developments in all sectors of lives. Survey report shows that 80 % of users will be working with smartphones and tablets. The future of Responsive Web Design(RWD) is on demand and mandate. If you have queries or doubts related to Responsive Web Design, then feel free to contact us, we are here to help you at any time.


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