Steps to Convert a PSD to WordPress Theme

Steps to Convert a PSD to WordPress Theme

The WordPress expanded scope can be seen today and its control of templates industry is reflected via great looking templates. There are many WP templates available on the site so that you can download it from the WordPress website and it is absolutely free too. But as long as the individual is concerned, the real captivate is essentially explored by those WordPress templates which are developed by WordPress expert by converting a PSD to WordPress template.

In truth, it is more than just a blogging platform. As per the usage statistics of WordPress, it is used by 60% of the sites running on a CMS platform. The WP has a huge market reputation by means of traffic and popularity compared to other Content Management System(CMS).

Converting a PSD design file into WordPress template is a tedious task, but it could be made simple if you know about the methods engaged in PSD to WordPress Conversion. No need to involve deep into technical factors, let’s comprehend the major process of PSD to WordPress conversion service. This post is presented to you with the idea of offering you a knowledgeable tutorial on PSD to WordPress template conversion service.

What is a PSD?

A PSD is a Photoshop document developed by Adobe Photoshop. It is layered image file which allows users to save and modify the respective pictures into PSD or JPEG, GIF, bmp file formats. This file is highly important for developers if they want to develop their custom designs. The file can be easily opened in Photoshop and further editing operations are then carried out properly.

Generally, a PSD to WordPress template conversion means the PSD design in WordPress template integration. This approach will be an advantage for beginner web developers.

In general, the whole process is split into 6 steps, each of which should be done with a persistent focus. So, following are those 6 steps which give you with the wonderful WordPress templates.

PSD Analysis

In the first step, you are required to analyze the PSD design files carefully and understand the complications that you may encounter when converting the PSD design files into WordPress. You must be very unambiguous about all the steps going to be executed by you like the splitting mock-up into HTML, placing CSS codes, images, title, header, and footer.

PSD Slicing

The next step is, the PSD design documents are sliced down into a number of layers by using image editing tools such as Photoshop. After you are done with the PSD slicing, you are enabled to add or remove buttons, text boxes, and links. At last, the sliced PSD design files are saved in JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF or any other valid file format.

Build Extension Files

The 3rd step is to build isolated files for PHP, HTML and CSS codes with the extension like index.php, index.html, and style.css.

PSD Integration

The PSD Integration is the difficult step that requires being performed by a skilled and technically strong programmer. Here, the sliced PSD file is programmed with HTML & CSS that enable your PSD design to live on the web. Otherwise, the PSD design files won't capable of being executed on the World Wide Web(WWW) without converting into any web compatible format.

WordPress Integration

This step is one of the very crucial steps for developing great WordPress templates. Once you've coded your PSD design files into HTML markup, then the next step is the integration of HTML and CSS codes with WordPress. Once you have done this step perfectly, then the result would be flawlessly designed WordPress templates.

Templates Testing

After you've done with the PSD files to WordPress template, you must ensure the resulting template can accessible perfectly on all latest versions of browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and so on. Therefore, to make the WP template cross-browser compatibility, you required to perform proper testing of the web template.


We can see that the PSD files conversion won't need full technical knowledge, but yes, it needs some technical knowledge of the same to get the needed output.

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