Tips For A Powerful Mobile-Friendly Email Campaign

Tips For A Powerful Mobile-Friendly Email Campaign

Here are some useful tips that need to be followed by a mobile-friendly email campaign

Using a clear, brief and unique CTA

It is mandatory that the design and content must be concise an clear to make the email campaign success. Elaborating the content on mobile is a bad decision. As stated by a survey, it has been disclosed that respondents prefer brief and neat emails that do not distract them from their work.

All you need to do is design a simple Call to action(CTA) that is easy-to-tap. It helps to grab the attention and lead users to purchase something your product or service. When planned to place the CTA, then try to keep it on the top making it the more mobile-friendly. This helps to get the maximum clickability by improving things less complicated. You must make sure to design the CTA is clear and loud.

Understanding the audience

It is really important to understand the visitors/customers before you invest money, effort and time in the mobile-marketing approach. You must grasp the audience email viewing pattern, the type of device and demographics of customers.

Adobe campaign’s report discloses 79% read emails when they are on a vacation, 69% of users who view emails while watching TV and 3% check emails in the middle of the night. But, each audience is different and the behavioral patterns associated with them.

So, for making your mobile design be noticeable, it is important to clearly understand the needs of audiences.

Using single columns

When designing an email campaign for mobile, the use of a single column is preferable and optimal. Likewise, usage of 3 columns must be avoided. The single column layout helps for flexible viewing of email across all devices and email clients. The usage of complex layouts gives an unappealing view and also it distracts the users from their work, this results in a poor conversion rate.

Push the font size little higher

Increasing the font size can help to improve the understanding and readability of the email. Mobile devices like iPhone can automatically resize the text and some devices allow users to enlarge the screen size manually and make the text readable. So, it is advisable to keep the font size 14 pixels for the body and 22 pixels for the header.

You can use some other way like em or percent coding that makes the text mobile-friendly.

Wise Use of Whitespace

The mobile content's structure and appeal can accelerate only when it is placed properly. In order to make the text look clearly, you need to place the web contents around links.

Test, test, and test

It is very important to test with variations of emails to make sure compatibility and accessibility on a different version of browsers and devices. It is also encouraging abilities to use tools like Email on Acid, Litmus, PutsMail and much more. These tools enable the emails can be viewed same in every email client.

Wrapping it Up

Email campaigning on mobile is not a difficult or complicated thing. To achieve effective email campaign you need to have the right scenario in hand, examine data, understand your audience to work email campaign as mobile-friendly.

Choosing a reliable PSD to Email conversion service provider can ease your job by offering email designs that are stable, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.


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