Tips For Making SEO Friendly E-commerce Site To Enhance Ranking

Tips For Making SEO Friendly E-commerce Site To Enhance Ranking

In this highly competitive business industry, search engine optimization(SEO) friendly E-commerce business site development is the very important approach, used by many website owners/vendors. Undoubtedly, online marketing needs optimized E-commerce business site, which can be achieved by using latest technologies and tools. But in reality, this approach alone not enough, if we look at the current market scenario, the competition is very high. Today, thousands of companies are in the online market, so to survive and move ahead, it is mandatory that the online shopping store website page visibility must be high among clients. This approach is highly possible if the website is developed in a way that is searchable at the search engine result page(SERP).

This blog offers few easy tips and simple tricks to optimize the E-commerce website to make it SEO-friendly online store.

Below Given Points Should Be Considered To Make The E-commerce Website An Seo Friendly

Proper Use Of Header Tags

The HTML based header tag element is used to define the title and heading of the web content. This HTML tags basically manage the content flow and explain in which manner how the content should be present. There are many HTML header tags are available like H1, H2, H3. It is important that how to use the header tag with the proper content flow. It portrays the great impression of the online shopping site.

Define Alt Attributes Of Image Tag

The search engine(for example google, bing) crawlers cannot decipher the images, so it is always a good approach if you include the ALT attributes along with brief information.

Quick Loading Time

The time taken by the website to load completely is one of the most important factors to be considered. Your business site must be designed in a manner that it takes very less time to load. Focus more on the graphics, captcha, reduce the flashing image and so on.

Include Social Sharing Functionality

In today's world, almost all people are connected via social community network. So it is highly important to implement famous social sharing functionality to the shopping site to increase the accessibility and also very easy for the users to share the products online.

Keyword Rich Url

Uniform Resource Locator(URL), it must contain all the important keywords, so that the online shopping site can be optimized and attain a better ranking in the search engine result page(SERP).

Select The Effective Domain Name

Choosing the perfect domain name is also very important, the name should not be full of keywords and it is mandatory to consider that the domain should have a long duration for expiry.

Site Should Be W3c Validated

W3C validate the online shopping site and report if any error present in the web page. It is highly recommended and standard way to optimize the website.


Optimizing the online business website is not a simple and quick task to achieve. All above-discussed points are only the basic tips and task, in other words, as the mandatory tips need to be followed. Rather than these instructions, there is a need for in-depth and regular analysis and also content change also required. Hope this blog provides some basic and useful ideas for search engine optimization.


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