Tips that find out Hybrid mobile app development

Tips that find out Hybrid mobile app development

The hybrid mobile app development became the talk of the entire mobile application industry. The hybrid mobile app development enables professionals to integrate technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to target various platforms from a single code base. It removes the requirements for creating native codes for each platform independently. Hybrid mobile app development is a creative, cost-effective and saves time for creating applications that target a larger user base.

Before making a decision of choosing for hybrid mobile application development, business owners focus on the functioning of hybrid mobile apps.

Following are some points should be considered before choosing hybrid apps strategy.

Differentiate between hybrid and native coding

A quick glance at the native and non-native features will help professionals to understand quickly the basic differences that involve hybrid app code or the native code.

There are 2 major players in the domain of hybrid app development: Appcelerator Titanium and Phone Gap/Cordova these cross-platform frameworks make the installation of hybrid mobile application simple and easy on multiple devices. Moreover, hybrid apps also use libraries or packages that utilize native functionalities in a hybrid mobile app. The combination of HTML5, JavaScript along with these libraries provides improved access to the devices.

The main disadvantage here is that separate coding needed by native libraries for each targeted framework. Selecting for native application features after the new launch of an Operating System will help professionals hit the market in short time.

An app with the native feature is not something that will result in failure but it requires careful consideration. So, it is very crucial to make a wise decision.

Lack of user-experience and user-interface

Apple's iOS and Android apps feature different design languages and provide unique user experiences. On the other hand, hybrid apps that do not provide the same user experience, hence they are designed to target various platforms.

Going for the right hybrid app framework

The native apps come with a package of perfectly managed technology. IOS apps can be written in Objective-C or Swift language, whereas Android apps are created by using Java. We know that hybrid applications are a mixture of multiple frameworks, but to obtain desired results it is mandatory to design a hybrid app with a single framework.

Be careful about the limitations of hybrid app approach

Hybrid mobile apps come with some limitations like,

Slow animation

Hybrid mobile apps function slowly at the time of state transitions and the page, hence there are many animations that display very bad in hybrid applications.

Memory usage

By integrating mobile device’s web view, Hybrid apps use more device space.


Hybrid app services use animations with less fluidity, but this is not the case with native applications. This enforces professionals to choose native apps over hybrid apps.


Choosing a hybrid app development can be a better approach to build a functional application for your online business, even though it can cost you more. And also with this technology, there are more risks and limitations hence before selecting you to need to examine the whole and finalize how it suits your business. A beneficial selection will definitely help you with an affordable and unique approach to predominant technology.


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