Titanium App: An Essential Framework for Mobile App

Titanium App: An Essential Framework for Mobile App

The arrival of various smartphones and tablets has given the birth to the difference of application platforms, such as like Android, iOS, Window and much more. This has created a buzz in the app development world. Every company worries about how to develop the app that can execute well on all platforms or is there anyone single framework that supports for building a compatible app with each and every platform. Hence, the variety of platforms have been released. Among them, Titanium mobile app framework has been selected to develop the cross-platform application.

About: Titanium Application Framework

Titanium is an open-source mobile app development framework, launched by Appcelerator with the Apache's license agreement. It allows developers an integrated environment for developing mobile apps simple and easy, runs on the smartphones, tablet, and desktop. It also helps to develop the app to be run on major platforms like Android and iOS.

Based on JavaScript involving Ajax, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3, the Titanium app development framework is one of the powerful app development technology. This platform has packed with amazing features.

Let’s take a glance at the Features

Trending Web Technologies: Titanium application development framework compose web technologies in the trend like jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, and CSS3. This enables professionals to create the app have non-compatibility issues. Hence, there is one common code base for different platforms. With the help of Titanium framework, developers do not need to code the multiple code base for a single app.


Titanium platform has been powered with JavaScript-based SDK, which provides a rich set of functionality for the application. That is, programmers can bundle with an extensive range of functions with the apps and make it more powerful.

Multiple Devices Compatibility

Titanium app development framework faceted smarter feature that enables the programmer to code mobile app that can run smoothly on different mobile devices irrespective of the dimensions of the display screen and resolution.

Native Feature

Titanium app development framework has been packed with a variety of unique APIs that ensure smooth connection between the native features and mobile apps such as GPS, camera, sensors and much more. Therefore, it improves the user experience.


Titanium application framework is an open-source and powerful and the rich-featured platform that enables the developer to develop the wide range of apps without any difficulty, either with the device like smartphones, tablets, etc. and the platforms like Android and iOS. Hope now you know well about the Titanium app development framework. If you have queries or doubts about the blog then feel free to contact us, we are here to help you at any time.


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