Top 10 Must Have Plugins For WordPress

Top 10 Must Have Plugins For WordPress

List Of Top 10 Must-Own Plugins For WordPress

The following are the plugins have not been listed in any specific order of importance. It is better to try out all the plugins that we've listed below to enhance your WordPress blog or website.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

The WordPress SEO rules when it comes to attaining the focus of your potential audience. Without SEO, you can't make your business website to access better to your targeted customers. These enable WordPress SEO by Yoast is very important & special. This SEO plugin will help you optimize your pages and that enables your web pages as search engine friendly. In general, WordPress is assessed as a search engine friendly content management system(CMS). Anyhow, certain features are missing when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) but the WordPress SEO by Yoast will provide you that SEO advantage. By using this SEO tool you can add search engine friendly titles to your web pages and you will attain all the SEO tags that you required with a regular HTML page. This WordPress SEO plugin is a purely user-friendly and you could easily learn its features. This is one of the must-have plugins if you desired that your website is search engine friendly. Today, thousands of websites are using this plugin and it is the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

All In One SEO Pack

Another useful SEO plugin that you must ponder is "All In One SEO Pack". Since 2007 this plugin available to install and its popularity have been rising higher. If you are seeking an end to end SEO plugin for your web page, then this is the best one for your needs. More than 30 million times this plugin has been downloaded. This plugin will help you enable your site as more friendly to search engine. This plugin loaded with various features one of that is you will get Google analytics support with this plugin. If you have issues with your navigational links and if you need to make them more friendly with search engine then you can able to fine tune the links. This "All In One SEO Pack" plugin also compatible with e-commerce websites. One of the most remarkable features is that the plugin automatically optimizes your web page titles as per Google’s demands. It automatically generates all the meta tags. If you want to set, a diverse meta description & keywords you can do that via the override feature.

Wordfence Security

For any website or blog, the online security is one of the major concerns. People use the site and the details stored on the server should be safe. The task of this plugin is to protect sites from the malware installations and from hackers. This plugin will continually provide safe & protection to you from the hackers. And also you can track and block malicious IP addresses and viewers that try to visit your site will be blocked giving your site a full-fledged protection.

The login security feature is another important feature of this security plugin. You will be able to configure and safeguard it with your regular password login, with additional cell phone login feature. This will further improve your site’s security feature. This plugin also offers your entire website with real-time monitoring. It is also important for you to up to date with details like the number of logins, data or content consumption statistics, besides other important statistics about your audiences.

Contact Form 7

What is the benefit of releasing a site if your website audiences can't contact you easily? You must place your email address and your contact number on your website, but it is not as attractive as setting up a contact form there your site viewers can easily contact you in few clicks within seconds. Hence, you will need to setup and configure an appealing contact form that works consistently and accurately. On your WordPress website, Contact Form 7 is the easiest way out to configure contact forms. You don't have to hire a developer to create the contact form. By just copying and pasting a small piece of code to your web page, you can able to get the contact form appear on any page you want. Where you would like the form to appear. You don’t have to write even a single line of code to get your contact form. You can also customize the contact form easily by adding fields and also you can able to create multiple contact forms. You can get options to customize the content of the emails easily that your site audience will get when they fill the form. Simple but very important plugin for your WordPress site.


The RevSlider plugin will help you setup attractive sliders on your site. If you like to enhance the engagement rate of your site, then you'll need to add some dynamic elements to your business website. The RevSlider will help you add the best sliders to your website headers. You can able to configure outstanding transitions with the inbuilt effects. This plugin helps you to save lots of money because you can add your own animations without needs to hire a company to create animate the slides for you. This plugin is available free and it is very useful to your site in terms of attaining the attention of your audience.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Google Analytics is a well-known website analytics tool. Anyhow, if you need to use this tool then you want to login to your Google analytics account and obtain the updates. On the other hand, if you do not want to switch between your analytics account and WordPress dashboard then here is a solution. By using the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP you can able to get your Google analytics data displayed on your WordPress dashboard. This plugin surely adds ease and convenience for you to access your Google Analytics data directly into your WordPress account. The set up is quick and simple you can install the plugin within few clicks. This plugin is user-friendly and it doesn't need any technical expertise or proficiency.


If you have been mudded down by the spammy comments that mess your posts on the blog then you can install Akismet. To effectively deal with your spam comments then Akismet plugin is the best option, this is one of the powerful WordPress spam control plugins. The Akismet comes with different settings. Before the comments plague your blog you can able to moderate all your comments. You can install this plug with a single click. Change over a period of time the plugin learns to filter the spam efficiently in a progressive way.


This plugin is very popular among website owners/admin. Nowadays, social media marketing plays a major role in the success of any online business. If you need to take your brand to your potential customers, then social media is surely one of the best ways. The "Shareaholic" is the best plugin for your business website if you've a social media marketing in mind. You can add your social media buttons on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn Twitter, and Google+. This plugin will surely add value to your web pages with its elegant user interface(UI).

W3 Total Cache

Many website owners/webmasters are not aware of the importance of optimizing their web page load speeds. This could be a big drawback when it comes to Google's ranking of your site. The "W3 Total Cache" will assist you in enhancing web page load time. It is not only the search engines that do not like the pages that loads slowly but also your the visitors are going to have issues with your slow loading page. If the web pages take long time to load, then your audience gets frustrated. This plugin will help you by bringing down the server download times. The overall browsing experience on your site will be increased and make your viewers happy. During times of high traffic, this plugin is found to be highly effective. These are a few plugins among thousands of plugins. Every day, many new plugins emerge in the marketplace and completely comprehend the market. Keep a close watch on the plugin market and you are likely to come across some of the most impressive plugins that will add special features and functions to your website. Most of the plugins are easy to install with a few clicks and available for free.

Broken Link Checker

How many times were you annoyed with those broken links When you were using a blog or a website? If you don't need your audience to experience the same when they are browsing your site, then "Broken Link Checker" is the plugin you want for your site. You can manually check the links if you have a handful of web pages. Anyhow, if you are going to have thousands of web pages with millions of links to pages, images, and other resources cross-linked within your site and links navigate to outside the site then you'll have a tough time to keep track of these links. How are you going to manage all these links? The Broken Link Checker will handle that task. Now, it is possible to blot all the broken links in few quick links. Search engines like Google, Bing, etc., surely don't like broken links. To keep stay in the good books of Google, you want to continuously monitor your site for broken links and this plugin will help you. In addition, you don't require to change the link manually in every post, but all can be changed with a single click from the plugin's interface.

A Word Of Caution

Even though we've been advising you to explore many WordPress plugins that are available in the market for free and also try the various plugins that will enhance the functionality of your site and enable your WordPress site more engaging. There are many proven and safe plugins that are downloaded by millions of audience, but at the same time, you should also analyze the fact that there are some suspicious plugins which you want to be very careful. Don't install the plugins on your WordPress site without any caution. You need to take time to study and review the plugins. Check how many users install the plugin. If the plugin active installs are over one million then it is a reliable plugin. But if the downloaded numbers are just a few hundreds then it is a good idea to stay away from those plugins.

Always try to list the plugins under different categories like SEO based plugins, performance-based plugins, feature-based plugins, additional tools like calendar, visitor count, and much more. The list will help you reduce the chances of installing various plugins that perform the same job.

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