Top Ten Featured Joomla Extensions For Webdevelopers

Top Ten Featured Joomla Extensions For Webdevelopers

Joomla is an open-source CMS which is download and use by more than 30 million developers. This PHP based technology can be used to create the E-commerce portal, corporate website, online forum and so on. Joomla is used to develop a complex and appealing website in a faster and hassle-free way this is one of the main reasons it is trusted by the many famous brands like UNRIC, eBay, MacD and much more. With its incredible and useful extensions, Joomla has become one of the best Content Management System(CMS) platform.

Following are few of Joomla's popular and beneficial extensions:


Virtue Mart is one of the famous Joomla's extension, This is an E-store solution that allow merchants to sell goods or online business owners to provide their services with excellence and also contribute more in expanding your trade. Virtue Mart is a tool which is user friendly, great performance and secured.

Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

Joomla Content Editor (JCE) is another beneficial extension from Joomla. JCE helps in creating and editing Joomla content easy, this feature modifies the web content with its available WYSIWYG tools. JCE also helps to write error free content.

Community Builder

Community builder is very useful and powerful Joomla extension, which offers the simple and easy methods to operate social networking community in a faster way through your website. Specific tools in this solution that help to manage your business site's web community. This rich set of feature extension is reliable, secure and free.


The SH404SEF extension from Joomla family gives Search Engine Optimization(SEO) support to your business website. The main advantage of this extension is it helps in contributing SEO-friendly content to your website. Also, this extension available with limitless utility and is easy to use.

Akeeba BackUp

The Akeeba BackUp is yet another open source Joomla extension helps in CMS backup management. The most powerful feature of this extension is, one can save the entire backup of your website in one archive which includes docs’ files, installer and screenshots.


Jumi is one more useful extension from Joomla family, by using jumi you can include HTML, PHP, and Javascript into the modules category or section descriptions into your own tailored component pages. This Joomla extension is reliable, free and safe too.


MiniFrontPage is used to display the recently added web content in the module to you and also assist in auto generation of images, content related and customized links. This Joomla extension getting famous for its splendid performance.


GTranslate extension is used to translate the web page with the Google help. This Joomla extension can translate in about 58 languages and thus increase the accessibility to users. GTranslate include XHTML validation, compatibility with Joomla version 1.6 x and analytics.

Phoca Gallery

By using this Joomla extension you can install Phoca gallery to show the images on your website in more appealing formats.

Joomla Explorer

This is a file transfer protocol manager that offers assistance in uploading, searching, copying, editing, renaming, deleting, and rendering the archive files to your web server.


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