Web Designing Trends

Web Designing Trends

Today, the web designing world is filled with creativity and unique thoughts to improve website designs. New designs are evolving every day, one of the major advantages of the designing platform is its adaptability to add fresh designs for remarkable output.

The reason for new trends, design patterns and tactics are rising everyday is to make sure their survival in this highly competitive web market. The website must be designed in a manner that can draw the customers and make the business successful. Smart and out of the box ideas is contributing to the growth of any business and make profits.

Striking Web Designing Trends

Modular Design

Modular design is the most notable design pattern in 2017 as a reliable method to develop a fresh, stable, and accessible websites to keep visitors involved. For example, an unexpected ripple effect can be produced when you move your cursor over the edges of the modules.


The color selection is very important in web designing that can have a strong influence on emotions, thoughts and conversion rates of the website visitors.


This provides a visually appealing effect to the website, the cinematography is photos with continuously moving objects. They can be in GIF file format or that can be video whose quality will increase depends on the size.

Innovative And Bold Typography

Creative and bold typography is used by the developers to create some exceptional results. These can be used to generate more innovative results. Putting video and typography together is the latest approach to creating a stylish and classic website.


Microinteractions are used to make the user communicate with the site by sending a message, liking a post or filling a form field. The goal is to make the UX better and give a positive response to the user.


The main goal of Flexbox is to work with page layouts with many screen sizes and devices to provide more stability and efficiency.

Video With Sound

The best idea is proper mixing of video and sound together. Watching videos become more popular on sites, especially to know and describe the business goals.

Improved Parallax Effect

Parallax scrolling is a method in computer graphics and website design, where the background images move with the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene and adding to the immersion.

Simple Homepage

Today's trend is to design the homepage with the light effect that displays only a few words on the first screen. In addition, with the increasing impact of the SEO methods, the scrolling is also changing and not showing information below the page scroll.

Navigation Not Always On Top

In the latest trends, the navigation is not mandatory available on top of the web page. The menu can be moved to the bottom or side of the pages or pop-up styles. And also consider whether it is convenient for the users.

Combining Vertical And Horizontal Text

There is no fixed rule to always display the text in the basic horizontal alignment. The designers can place the text in a vertical alignment and also add some unique layouts and dimensions. The combination of vertical and horizontal text alignment can add immense beauty to a simple web page.

Overlapping Images And Text

In today's world, the blogs and portfolios are starting to display text that slightly overlaps the accompanying photos. For some individuality, there are also designs of displaying text with a colorful underline behind each title and so on.


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