Web Development Trends

Web Development Trends

Nowadays, no one can say when the next trend is due or when will a new development method emerge and make you reconsider the full development strategy. However, there are few emerging web development trends that will surely dominate the upcoming years.

As a Web Developer, there is always a constant requirement to stay updated with the recent web development trends and technologies as the latest trends always offer the audience with better features and functionalities. This post helps you to know the web development trends that would rule the industry.

Materialize CSS Framework

Materialize CSS framework, the combination of JavaScript framework and CSS SasS is an open-source framework that works on the user experience(UX) by combining cleanness and simplicity of flat design with the real world by using motion to create a bridge between the real world & web design.

This UX framework controls the performance, look and feel of individual elements on the site. While it has many components that are not rich as Bootstrap, it offers many components that Bootstrap does not, such as Toast and Parallax.

Materialize CSS framework is compatible with all the latest version of web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., and it takes care of basic styling, transitions, animations and custom components to provide a better user experience.

Therefore, Material Designing is a main trend to the lookout.


HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are cryptographic protocols that are secured via TLS (Transfer Layer Secure) by 3 layers of protection:

  • The transferred data would be encrypted.
  • When being transferred, the data can't be changed or corrupted without detection.
  • Data would be validated to prove that the users are communicating with the intended site.

Other than authenticity and security, HTTPS provides you the upper hand over HTTP when it comes to Google ranking & SEO. The coming years are going to be commanded by

HTTPS as Google prefers websites that are more secure. Moreover, the users also expect a private and secure user experience(UX).

With 43% users leaving a site after noticing a security alert message, it becomes very crucial to secure your website.

PHP7 and Above

The PHP7 is a scripting language that is gradually evolving as the web developers’ favorite language. It is not only free and simple, but it also performs great with Content Management Systems(CMS).

A code developed in PHP will allow a developer to integrate the platform across different platforms. It is scalable, flexible, offers add-ons and various extensions, is embedded and provides various frameworks. Other than that, it supports both open source databases and DBMS(Database Management Systems).

In this age, where anything that is free, easy, simple and yet delivers remarkable results is worshiped. WordPress, the Content Management System(CMS) that powers over 27% of the internet use the PHP server-side programming language.

The PHP server-side programming language is used by 82.6% of the sites.


WP-CLI(WordPress command line interface) is a set of commands that can be accessed by the admin. Web developers have to send commands to the admin and the admin can attain it without using the web browser. The best thing associated with using the WP-CLI is that you do not have to use multiple commands to give the control to the admin. It is possible by using a single command.


NPM stands for Node Package Managers, for the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js NPM is the default package manager. NPM is primarily a library that will enable you to add packages & reuse them at any time necessary, rather than having to build them again. The node.js installation became simple by using WP-CLI.

Google AMP

With 80% of the internet, users have a smartphone, possess a responsive site becomes mandatory. If you do not have one, then you need to make one, it is accessible to the audience on the fly. And if you already own the one, then this is what you must perform next – optimizing your site to improve the speed. Users get irritated with a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Even they can prefer for a competitor’s site over yours because your business website is slow.

Hence, Google introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is important for a faster website. Incorporating Google AMP offers you a benefit over the other sites in the following ways:

  • AMP offers an enhanced mobile search experience
  • AMPed web pages are SEO friendly and preferred by Google, which is why Google provides a ranking to the AMPed web pages.

In addition to this, it'll also make sure that your web page comes up in the carousel showcasing top content with other AMPed sites. AMPed web pages are 4X faster and use 8X lesser data compared to traditional mobile-optimized web pages.

User Behavior Tracking

Anything and everything right related to how various users react to different sections of your site are mandatory. The more you know about your audiences, the easier it is to bag conversions in plenty.

The Google Analytics tool is the most used tool to track user behavior among various other tools. Various open-source platforms such as WordPress assist integration of various 3rd party tools. Hence, you can easily incorporate user behavior tracking tool or any heatmap tool to your business site.


The "Chatbot", a service fueled by rules and AI, Chatbots is a chat interface that interacts with users. In accordance with Business Insider, messaging applications have now exceeded social community networks in terms of monthly active user numbers.

The Chatbots can understand commands and also understand languages and it became smarter after having more conversations with the audience.

JavaScript (Node & Angular)

Node JavaScript is used for quicker communication between the website and the user. Node JavaScript also improves Real-Time Interaction between the user and the website.

JavaScript, on the other side is the current trending framework that is easy to use and user-friendly language. Now, the Angular JavaScript and HTML integration are used for better user interface(UI).

Multilingual Website

The multi-Language Website is very important if the services that you offer to a user that is present globally. The multilingual website is a huge benefit as it'll not only attract the usual English proficient public, but it also brings forth the user who does not understand English. That way, you do not miss out on your hard-earned conversions.

VR optimized WordPress Website

Virtual Reality(VR) is a huge and forthcoming trend and WordPress has captured the possibility to use it on our site with the simple use of a plugin. The simple use of one of the many VR plugins will embed the Virtual Reality functionality in your site where the audience would be able to get a 3D view of the site by using the 3D headset.

Virtual Reality(VR) will attract your potential user if used the correct way as it holds the power to give your potential users an incredible experience.

Minimalist Design

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine De Saint Exuper

Minimalism is the method of using the least of the important elements to its maximum extent in a simple style. This will help to lessen the commonest of the distractions and fueling focus on the major content.

It works on the principle of Less is More and it is developed on the concept of white space, grid, typography, and color. To nail the minimalist design, it takes a complete understanding of the bare minimum design elements. You are offered to the least of all and you must make the most of it to develop an appealing minimalist design.

WordPress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 will arise as the 2nd major release of the year 2017. This recent version will generate the theme of code editing, themes management, plugins & a user-friendly way of tailoring a site. It'll turn up with the theme of editing code, themes, managing plugins and using a user-centric way to custom made a website and refining some features added previously this year.


The above-mentioned web development trends are guaranteed to help you code a website. But using all the trends mentioned above will not help you much, so use the method which suits your requirements.

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