What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring A PSD To XHTML Service Provider?

What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring A PSD To XHTML Service Provider?

Nowadays, PSD to XHTML conversion service or PSD to HTML conversion service is gaining more popularity. The requirement for the PSD slicing services is increasing every day because more non-technical people get involved in the website designing field. Today, the advantage is that you don't have to code even a single line of the program when designing your business site. You can easily outsource the programming requirements to professionals and they will provide pixel-perfect coded web pages, which enable you to develop beautiful sites that also follow W3C standards. Anyhow, you can't select your service providers randomly if you desired to attain the first-class job delivered to you. Let us take a look at different aspects that you should aware before you hire your PSD to HTML conversion services. Everything we discuss here is very important factors which must be taken care while hiring the PSD to XHTML conversion service.


What is the experience of your conversion service provider? Has the conversion company served in the industry for many years now, going via the different motions of the PSD conversion field? Experience is definitely a turning point when it comes to picking the best conversion company in the PSD markup field. An experienced conversion company would have managed different types of PSD conversion demands. They would have faced various conversion challenges, deal with a variety of conversion formats. All these will come in convenient when you are trying to attain your PSD conversion task done. Your conversion company would not be using your site as the test place, but would aware what precisely to do when you present your necessity. When we talk about the experience, it is not only the overall experience of the service provider, but also considers the professionals' experience hired by the conversion service provider. When you are signing a deal with the PSD service provider, never forgot to ask them what is the experience of their programmers who will be working on your requirements. The service providers have the responsibility to tell you what type of programmers they are engaging to strip your PSD design files.

Tableless PSD Markup

Nowadays, most of the PSD design slicing companies committed to providing tableless markup services. Anyhow, this doesn't mean that you should automatically assume that all the service providers provide tableless PSD mark up service.

You just need to make sure that the PSD conversion provided by the company is tableless conversion because of the long list of advantages it provides. One of the important advantages is that tableless CSS offers you the highest level of compatibility with different kind of web browsers. When you are developing your site, it is crucial that you allure the maximum number of audience to your site. Currently, the audience doesn't come to sites not only through the desktop/laptop computers, visitors using a different type of devices. All these gadgets use a variety of web browser types and display sizes. If your site should survive all these deviations and if it should be conveniently available without any problems then you will require tableless CSS.

Moreover, the tableless pages are very lightly loaded. Hence, they will load quicker when compared to the others. Therefore, you are going to ask your conversion company what type of conversion they will be providing you. Has it validated with your PSD conversion company that they hand over tableless PSD to XHTML conversion solution.

Avoid Software Aided Coding

You will be required to make sure that your site is 100% hand coded. There are a lot of service providers they guarantee to give hand coding service, but in truth, many of the service providers uses the software assisted code or software aided conversion. If you are seeking for exact PSD to XHTML or HTML conversion, then it is important that your PSD conversion is manually created. Next to the experience manual coding is another major selection criterion. Check with your PSD service provider whether they provide manual conversions or machine conversions.

Why work with a company?

Nowadays, you can come across several PSD to XHTML conversion companies on the web. Some of them are professional companies while others are not companies/ organizations, but they are freelance service providers. If your requirements are just 1 or 2 web pages to be sliced down, then you may go with the freelancer(s). On the other hand, if your requirements are big business sites with PSD conversion required hundreds of web pages, then it is an idea to go with companies. This doesn't mean freelancers are not skilled/experienced but simply they may not be trustworthy. They will leave you in a quandary midway if something happens to them or they find better opportunities. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about those problems when you assign your project to a PSD service provider. Even if the dedicated resource leaves the company or goes on a long vacation, the company will make sure that they replace with another resource so that your project will be delivered within the time frame.

Understand The Conversion Process or Workflow

When you are giving your work to a PSD to XHTML conversion company, you must understand their workflow. But many people think that these details do not really matter to them, they just give their project to the service provider. In what way is this very crucial for a client? At first, you need to know that the project is managed by their own coding team or they outsource it to some other service provider. You never go with the companies that further outsource their projects to some 3rd party service providers. This approach will definitely affect the quality of the job and your website’s look & performance as it is not created by experienced and skilled professionals.

Do your company honor deadlines?

Often clients complain about the project deadlines. When taking up bulk conversion projects, many service providers just to keep up the order they promise for impractical deadlines. But when it comes to real delivery of the project, they delay the clients. When it comes to releasing a site, time is at the core. If your site is not released at the perfect time, then you lose the important chance or some other competitors with you and launch their site grabbing the establish title in the industry.

It doesn't mean that all the conversion companies are bad, you are required to find companies that respect their own deadlines and providers take pride in rendering the project within the promised time. Once you deal with such companies, you will not have to worry about the long duration. And also you can use the same company for all your subsequent needs.

In some cases, when you miss your time for releasing your site because of your PSD service provider has delayed, you can finish with losing money. If you regularly delay your project deliveries, then you lose your reputation among the customers. In addition, you lose business as the PSD service provider delay the delivery.

What ranking advantage are you getting from the PSD conversions?

One of the major reasons why we are investing too much effort in attaining your PSD conversion service provider is to enable your pages more search engine friendly. Search engines like Google, Bing, etc., can't understand the content of the image. Additionally, loading the whole web page as one image without PSD markup will enable the web pages very slow. It will cause your web page speed score. All these will enable your site less pleasing to the search engines. If you give, your PSD conversion to an experienced company with enough technical knowledge, then they will make sure that the web pages are programmed in the most search engine friendly manner. If you are incompetent to advantage search engine friendly markup, then you are placing yourself in a damaging spot regardless of spending more money on your PSD conversion. You will be required to examine how well the sites coded by your PSD service provider are extreme in the search results.

How about the portfolio of your service provider?

There can't be a good idea to evaluate the quality of your conversion company than by reviewing their portfolio. Ensure that they are featured on their site & don't ask them to send samples links of their previous projects. Because anyone can assert credit for online work and we will not know till we cross-check the information. If the portfolio is uploaded to the site, then it is available to anyone can see then the chances of cheating are very less. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you take time to examine the quality of the project done by reviewing their portfolio. Hence, don't delay to ask for a link and for the publicly featured portfolio for your conversion company. As your site is going to be your online identity, you can't yield to make any mistakes in this concern. There can't be any compromise on the quality of the project.

Overall customer experience

What is the overall customer experience with the conversion company you have selected? Some of the company gives you remarkable support to clients at the presales. Anyhow, while you sign deals with your conversion company, you will be forgotten completely. This is not something unusual or affected, but it is one of the regular complaints from the clients that hire some unreliable companies. You should not wind up with such companies. You are required to pick them carefully and work with the service providers who provide persistent services with extraordinary client experience. Working with premium companies will surely save you from such bother. Make sure that your service provider assigning you a dedicated project manager for the work? Yes, premium companies definitely assign dedicated account managers who can give the best services. You must aware well that precisely whom to track from the starting of the project. As your project manager will keep you sending the status of the work regularly so no need for you to deal with many people or track with some random people. When you are dealing with such reputed web development company they will make the whole process simple and easy.

Transparency in pricing

Very importantly, when you are hiring a conversion company for your PSD to XHTML or PSD to HTML conversion, you must be very clear about the cost. How much money you are going to pay and what is the cost model your conversion company will be using etc., should be first examined. You will have to work with a reliable conversion provider. Before you sign deal any company for your PSD conversion project, it is crucial that you evaluate their credibility without which it is not advisable to deal with them.

You must inquire for detailed quotes and make sure that there are no extra fees or hidden charges. You must ask specific questions on extra fees to avoid unnecessary conflicts at the final stage of the project. Your conversion company should also be ready to offer you with satisfactory solutions. If the quality of the design files submitted is not up to the level then the service provider able to fix the problems without any additional charges. You will need to discuss all these matters in advance.

It is clearly the best part if your conversion company provides money back guarantee. Working with a company that gives money back guarantee provides you additional assurance on the quality of the project to be expected. Only service providers who have experience in providing perfect PSD conversion service will give the money back guarantee.

Guarding your interests as a customer

Guarding your interests as a client is crucial when you are trying to find the best PSD to XHTML conversion professionals. To make sure this you will need to be a focus on all the above points. To find the best company you should look out for the best providers yourselves or you should go with references from friends. Rather of rushing to choose your company without enough masking process and regretting later it is always good to take some time to make your selection. At first, this may look like a boring process but in the long term, you will understand that you are on the right track by carefully considering multiple conversion companies.

You need to do is to be less careful. First, ask the right questions, wait till you get the correct answers. Evaluate each service provider very carefully. Once you have done with these things, then you don't have to worry about running into problems at the later part. If you have queries or doubts about the blog then feel free to contact us, we are here to help you at any time.

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