Responsive Web Design

What Is Responsive Web Design: A Detailed Overview

Business owners always keep an eye on how their services and products are viewed across multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. Responsive website design are the ultimate solution to safeguard them from the chances of losing visitors from one device so as to gain visitors from another. RWD offers a perfect compatibility as a correspondent to each screen size and devices like for mobile, tablet, iPhone and iPad, along with laptops and desktops.

What is responsive web design?

In responsive web design, the website will atomically adjust and render in the same way with respect to the device in which it is placed.

Responsive web design is an ideal approach which enforces the site's design and development must respond to the environment and the behavior of the user, according to the screen size, platform, orientation, etc., It uses adjustable grids and layouts, a fair combination of pictures and effective use of CSS media queries.

Why is Responsive Design So Important?

Responsive web design is not only about dynamically adjusting image size and screen resolutions, but RWD is an extension method that allows the website designers to view web design in a different manner. Interactive type of web designs is the best solution to develop business sites that can render effectively in multiple browser versions.

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Important Credentials of Responsive Design

Know Your Audience:

RWD is the best solution for most of the online business, which enables business owners to know about their clients and the type of devices they are using.

Prompt UX:

Best user experience is the primary goal of responsive web design and RWD works beyond just loading a desktop based website into a mobile screen. Here, the things to notice is the user experience, which must be same on both desktop and mobile site, content which users looking for and their interaction.

Focus on Content:

The better approach is to design the business site with respect to the content what they are displayed to their users because, without proper content, the ultimate goal of the website cannot be achieved.

Easy Navigation:

The main advantage is navigation the RWD provides flexible UX and the complex web designs need to accommodate with the simple UI for small mobile screens.

Minimum Space Consumption:

The mobile view uses limited amount memory space when compared with the desktop.

What Website Dimension's Should Be Used?

No one cannot be very specific on the standard website size because there are numerous devices available along with different screen size and resolutions. Users from a different part of the world use different type devices as per their needs like some people work on mobile while the other uses a laptop and so on.

So, the ideal approach is to design a website that must be compatible with multiple versions of browsers and platforms.

Mobilegeddon: Google’s New Update for Mobile-Friendly Sites

RWD plays an important role in mobile traffic. For this purpose, Google announced an important update Mobilegeddon on April 21, 2015. If business sites follow friendliness with the mobile devices, then it will rank better in Google search results. It is very important to own mobile-friendly web pages for providing a better user experience.

Elements of RWD

The following are the useful features available in responsive web design:

  • Fluid Grids help automatically resizes web page elements in relative units like percentage, rather than absolute units. Images also follow sizing in relative units.
  • Media queries allow web page to use a various style sheet in corresponding with respect to the devices in which the website is loading.

Fluid Grids

The Fluid Grid follows relatives values rather than set pixels, while designing a website. This helps the elements in the mobile screen will be resized in with each other. It enables the content to be loaded in the same way. Fluid layouts resize both the container and content.

Flexible Images

Flexible images are important for design and develop an interactive website. There are various factors needs to consider including image scaling, how it will display on various devices like smartphones, desktop, tablet, and laptop.

Google’s Resizer

It is always a worthy technique to preview your business site with ease on various devices. Resizer helps to test the viewability of a business site. In other words, it is a tool to test the interactivity of the website by modifying the size of a web page.


A responsive website is always the best way to add effectiveness to your business site this result in profits. To deliver an appealing and best user experience the business site must be interactive. The responsive website also gets better ranking in Google's search results that will increase the accessibility of your business to many customers around the globe. All this helps for business growth and benefits.


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