Why jQuery Mobile Is Best For Mobile Web App Development

Why jQuery Mobile Is Best For Mobile Web App Development

jQuery Mobile is a powerful tool for mobile web app development. jQuery Mobile has come with many remarkable features that enable easy way of coding for developers to create smarter web apps. The usage of smartphones and tablets for accessing the internet is increasing day-by-day. According to the research, it has been accomplished that 9 out of 10 smartphones and users favor using the internet on their handheld devices. Due to the technological improvement, the smartphones became part of everyone in the world. All these points clearly disclose the fact that a mobile web app can optimize the accessibility of the business.

Introducing Mobile Web App

The mobile web app development is completely different from the website development. The web apps are compatible with all the mobile device platforms. They generally run on the web browsers. Previously the apps cannot access all the native features of the smartphones but now, many development platforms have been launched that enable the professionals to create the web apps with the native look. jQuery Mobile is one of the best platforms.

jQuery Mobile Overview

The jQuery Mobile is an open-source and robust web app development framework. These platforms require jQuery Library, jQuery UI, HTML and CSS that allow the developers to create a smart UI component and functions for the app. In addition, it has been bundled with many native functions that make the web app composing the native look and feel. Along with all these features, this framework has been loaded with other advanced specifications like:

  • Assists Ajax-based navigation system that allows the developers to incorporate engaging animation and transition effects in the app.
  • Touch Optimized features that allow the professionals to create interactive UI for appealing user experience.
  • Loaded with event-based functions that improve the functionality of the web app.
  • The jQuery UI makes the web app interactive and responsive.
  • By having all these remarkable features, jQuery Mobile looks to be the best mobile web app development framework.


jQuery Mobile enhances the web app development faster and easier. To provide as per the demand of the mobile app, jQuery Mobile development platform is best suitable for all. Now you are aware of the importance and necessity of this mobile web app development platform. If you are interested then you can also share the important information regarding this blog, then send your queries through email to us.


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