MEAN Stack Developer

MEAN Stack Developer

MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js.


MongoDB is based on NoSQL database, the data representation is handled by using JSON-style documents. In other words, this is the database used to store the apps. MongoDB through its flexible document model measure the productivity.


This framework is an HTTP Server based framework offers useful components and modules for the website app. Simple UI in the ExpressJS framework helps the professional to make endpoints and cookie handling. It also provides strong features of the app.


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google. It is widely used for improving the capability of browser-based web apps with the Model View Controller(MVC). AngularJS is different from jQuery; because it is a library, but AngularJS is completely based on framework intended to assist front-end web development and testing process much easier.


This framework is an open source and cross-platform web development framework, used for building robust web applications. Before the execution of the app, this framework compiles the JavaScript into native machine code.

MEAN Stack development has a notable role in each of the above-mentioned technology.

For example, if a customer wants a user data from its app, the customer will add the username and password in the user interface and a request is sent to the server using AngularJS. The Nodejs framework will examine the request and evaluate the login credentials and send it to ExpressJS. The ExpressJS will search for the corresponding data in the MongoDB database.

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All the data of the app stored in the MongoDB, it is a cloud database. MongoDB is responsible to check and validate the login credentials and send it to the ExpressJS. ExpressJs will send back the data from DB into the NodeJS server and this server will manipulate the request into Angular JS. Eventually, AngularJS is responsible to display the result to the customer.

The Advantages of Choosing MEAN Stack Development

MVC architecture support

Asynchronous technical support from the JavaScript framework which is integrated with the MVC help the developers to create a faster loading app. Model View Controller(MVC) architecture support from MEAN stack enables the development as a trouble-free process.

Isomorphic code

Because of the Javascript around the app, MEAN Stack based apps are very easy and flexible to code. MEAN helps to move a code from the Nodejs server into AngularJs. Moreover, the whole project using MEAN Stack can be handled by a JavaScript developer this eliminates the need to hire developers of front-end, back-end, etc.

JSON for the entire development process

The JSON used by all the components of MEAN stack, because of this the data flow smoothly among all the layers. The data on the customer side and back-end side use the JSON format for making the smooth.

Cloud Compatibility

The cloud functionality of the application is implemented by using MongoDB. MongoDB provides auto replication and failure support by stretch across the cluster of client-server. It also helps to develop, test and host applications on the cloud.

Best Features Of MEAN Stack

  • JavaScript-based End to End development
  • One page web apps
  • Flexible environment and reusable code
  • Scalable and Event Driven architecture
  • Have extensive library to use
  • Excellent tool for full-stack web development along with front and back-end data processing
  • Open source and reliable framework

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