1. What is PSD-to-HTML/CSS conversion service and what do you offer?

PSD to HTML/CSS conversion is a service in which files or images created in Photoshop/Illustrator or in .PSD, .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .AI, .ZIP, .RAR, .PDF formats are converted/sliced/coded into an HTML/ CSS markup. That is why this service is called a PSD to HTML service. Our resulting markup is hand-coded, cross-browser compatible and validated with W3C standard.

2. How fast is this service?

We understand the time is money and we ensure the delivery of the project in the fastest turnaround time. We deliver the Home page coded/ marked up within 8 to 24 working hours, depending upon your timeline, during the final order.

3. Is your HTML/CSS service SEO friendly?

Yes, SEO Semantics are taken care while we hand code your PSD file or designs into HTML/CSS.

4. Are hand-coded HTML/CSS markups better?

Yes, hand-coded HTML markups are always better and perfect comparing to those developed by the use of software. The end result of hand-coded markup is organized, neat, readable, cross-browser/ platform compatible with a W3C standard validation.

5. What is the need of an SEO Semantic coding?

SEO semantic coding helps you rank better in search engines. A code which is more presentable and readable by search engine robots, will get easily placed in the search engine rankings than the software made code.

6. Can I go through your work portfolio?

Yes, Please browse through our online portfolio which has few samples of our work. To know more details about our client tele and portfolio, we encourage you to get in touch with us!

7. Do you offer more than just markups?

Yes, we do. We do complete web designing and development. Contact us now, brief your requirement and consider it done.

8. Do you really work 24x7?

We have a fixed work schedule, But, we accept orders and support inquiries 24x7. In case of project urgencies, we are open to work on weekends and deliver quality code.

About Order/Payment

1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal and Credit Cards through Paypal - which is secure and most popular payment system in the world. We are level 4 Verified Business Account holder of Paypal

2. What information do I need to include while sending my project?

Please submit necessary information in our order now page while placing the order. You can mention important specifications relating your markup such as details on advance options, layout options or software implementations or any other special instructions you want to make. After ordering, we send you the information on your Login/Password of our Interactive Customer Portal along with your project ID. You could submit any extra information which you have forget to mention while ordering. It will be closely monitored by our Project Management team and will be taken care.

3. What will happen if you won't be able to complete the project within specified time?What is the mode of contact with you? Do you have Yahoo, GTalk or Skype account?

The delays are very rare with us and mostly the reason being miscommunication, Delayed payment or design files upload. We follow the best process to deliver with quality and within time. We are easy to reach through different medium of communication like Customer Portal, Email, Chats, Phone call Etc. Our Contact details are available at our contact page and customer portal.

Privacy and Policy

1. What if I am not satisfied? Will I get my money back?

We always deliver best to keep every clients satisfied. Even then, if any issues/ bugs happens at our end, we would refund your money, in regard to the status of the problem and the project.

2. Who will have the rights over the code?

You are the owner of the code and it will be an intellectual Properiety of yours.

3. What about the Privacy policy?

100% Privacy Compliance. The work files and delivery files are managed within our team and not used further for any purpose. We would seek permission even to display your website in our portfolio. We sign Non Disclosure Agreement to safeguard your properiety.

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