JavaScript Application Development

JavaScript Application Development


JavaScript Application Development Services

JavaScript has been turned into a significant necessity of present day web development service. HTML Offshore has many years of experience in developing customized and quality web apps for our customers from many countries around the globe. In addition, our company offers open-source JavaScript libraries which used web development service. JavaScript became mandatory in developing web apps like web browser development and much more.

We offer a wide range of JavaScript web app development at low cost with unmatched quality. Clients can get many benefits in either they need brand new app development or enhance the existing web app. HTML Offshore offers JavaScript development services at economical pricing and delivers the project in faster turnaround time. We use international coding standards and industry best practices to deliver high-quality services to our esteemed customers.

HTML Offshore uses many development frameworks and libraries of JavaScript in order to get well-structured, neat and organized projects.

Various JavaScript Frameworks


This framework extensively used by many web development organizations for handling animations, events, navigate HTML documents and add AJAX correlations to web pages.

Backbone JS

The Backbone JavaScript framework used to provide structure to the heavy apps of the JavaScript.

UnderScore JS

The main advantage of using UnderScore javascript framework is to streamline the common data structures that are used in JavaScript.

Knockout JS

The Knockout JS framework helps to create editor UI, rich, and responsive display.

Ractive JS

The Ractive framework is a template-driven user interface library, Ractive JS produce inert HTML, it enables to convert templates into blueprints for applications.

Can JS

The main benefit of this framework is the fast and easy development of complex apps.


This javascript helps to change the data based documents.


This javascript framework informs you what HTML/CSS & JavaScript features the user's web browser has to offer.

Sencha Ext JS

The Sencha Ext JS is one of the best JavaScript framework, especially for building data-intensive web applications for smartphones, tablets, and desktops with the rich set of user interface components.


This framework is helpful in building high-quality web apps in short span of time.

Angular JS

The Angular javascript framework helps to create a structural framework for dynamic web applications.

Ember JS

This javascript framework helps in faster app development and also to increase the productivity.

Require JS

This JavaScript framework helps to increase the speed and quality of the code and also optimized for in-browser use.

Mustache JS

The mustache is a logic-less template syntax, this framework is mainly used for mobile and web applications.

Overview of jQuery Services

jQuery is a library of JavaScript that helps web professionals create web applications with fast and ease. HTML Offshore has many years of experience in working with many organizations to develop complex web apps using jQuery. We will help you with:

  • We will design and develop your application that can help you to satisfy your web requirements completely.
  • Use international coding standards and industry best practices to develop high-quality web apps.
  • We will help you in cross-browser verification, custom plug-in development, version migration, and so on.

HTML Offshore is well known for delivering their services within the promised time at a low cost. And we also let the customers choose their packages from a wide array as per their requirements. We provide the top quality service in all aspects.


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