PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap App Development

Do you Have PhoneGap app development in your mind? Then let us develop cross-platform compatible app framework native-like mobile app that runs perfectly on a wide array of devices while accessing the software and hardware functionalities at a reasonable cost with value for money.

We offer PhoneGap App Development Service at an industry best price of $33 PER HOUR.

PhoneGap App Development Service

PhoneGap mobile app development has become very popular with mobile app development industry as this platform has eased the process of mobile app development. This framework is an open-source and cross-platform compatible mobile app development framework, which is useful in developing the hybrid apps by merging the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for all the latest version of mobile devices. It is considered one of the ideal framework for cross-platform mobile development. The usage of other languages like Java, iOS Objective-C, etc. is removed when PhoneGap is used for cross-platform mobile app development.

This open-source framework strengths the standard web technologies in order to connect the gap between the cross-platform apps and native apps for various mobile devices. It unites the best of the native apps and web by binding a single code base in the native containers using PhoneGap APIs for a wide range of operating systems. When the business logic is managed by the app server generally written using PHP or Java, while the interaction of the audience and the server is handled by the HTML5 and JavaScript code.

HTML Offshore with strong real-time experience in the PhoneGap app development domain along with excellent professionalism and skills have delivered many PhoneGap apps for platforms such as Apple's iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Apart from the skills that our professionals have attained, we are based on a proven methodology and structured development.

Glance at PhoneGap app features

  • Our services are highly economical and give value for money.
  • Our streamlined and ability development method makes sure reduced turnaround time.
  • We have a pool of skilled and experienced PhoneGap mobile app developers.
  • PhoneGap app development is tailored with respect to the exact business requirements of the clients.
  • We do testing and wrapping of apps to Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.
  • Beyond PhoneGap app development, we also develop PhoneGap plugins.

Skilled PhoneGap app development team

A service or products' quality depends on the skill and experience of the team. We strongly trust in this model and therefore, focused on the skills and competence of our team. The experts in our development team have core knowledge of the platform with a strong command over the web standards like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. The professionals are also updated with the latest trends in the web development industry and integrate them into PhoneGap apps.

Why HTML offshore for PhoneGap app development?

Apps in Various Genres

Either it is E-commerce app or enterprise app, our experts are well-versed in all major genres which include social media, travel, navigation and so on. We display equal delicacy in developing PhoneGap apps for all the categories.

Multi-Platform Approach

Being a reliable PhoneGap app development company, HTML Offshore pursues in a multi-platform method that enables us to build applications for a wide array of platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and much more.

Apps With Native-Like Functionalities

We make full use of the PhoneGap APIs that empower developers to integrate native-like functionalities and features for a wide range of devices and platforms. The apps that we build are hard to differentiate them from the native apps.

Team of Highly Skilful Developers

We deliver the high-quality PhoneGap app development service this is made possible by our team of experienced and skilled professionals who possess extraordinary skills and knowledge of the app development domain.

Best Practice Leading to Code Reuse

We at HTML Offshore follows the best coding practices for app development and ensure that the code is reused to reduce the cost and time spent in the development of PhoneGap apps for all platforms.

Foolproof Apps With Robust Testing

Extensive testing at different development stages of PhoneGap application is performed to make sure that there are no errors or bugs present in the app's source code. We also do after release testing too.

Stick to Customer’s Demands

HTML Offshore is well-known company for a PhoneGap app development with an exquisite track record when it comes to customers’ satisfaction. So we focus on complete client's requirements and deliver the same.

Cost-effective Solutions

All the elements of PhoneGap app development at HTML offshore including the structured methodology and best practices are aimed towards reducing the development cost of the applications, thus allowing us to offer cost-effective solutions and value for money.

Outstanding Maintenance & Support

We well aware the importance of app assistance and support are poised to give you unparalleled maintenance and support for PhoneGap app development. We have experienced developers of the domain for the providing high-quality solutions.

Fast Turnaround Time

Time is precious for our customers and so for us. Every step of ours is aimed towards reducing the delivery time of the project. We practice code reuse approach to make sure the high-performance apps are built short span of time.


How is PhoneGap app development is more persistent for my business?

PhoneGap is an open-source app development framework, where a single code base serves to all mobile platforms. In addition, the standard web development technologies are used to reduce the development cost. Thus, ensures improved ROI.

What differences does your PhoneGap mobile app development service provide?

We possess 5+ years of experience in PhoneGap Framework development. Our experts have played a crucial part in delivering more than 1200 projects across the world. We are well-known for timeliness and quality.

Do you build PhoneGap apps for Android platform?

Yes. We develop PhoneGap Android app along with other platforms such as iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and others.

What is the estimated turnaround time for PhoneGap applications in HTML Offshore?

We can't estimate the exact time required to develop a PhoneGap app because it depends on a lot of factors like the complexity and size of the app and also many other factors like testing, etc.

Do you sign NDA with your customers?

Yes. Our aim towards maintaining the confidentiality of the customer's details and project data are always on. We are ready to sign NDA with our customers if they ask us to.

What is the estimated cost of your PhoneGap app development service?

Just like the time factor, there is no fixed cost for PhoneGap app development. Factors such as the scope of the app, target mobile platforms, and size of the PhoneGap app affects the cost factor in the development.


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